How Long After The Other Gospels Was John Written (And Why)?

How Long After The Other Gospels Was John Written (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Between 90 and 100 CE

Gospel is referred to as the message that Jesus of Nazareth gave. Gospel can be better defined as episodic and loose-knit narratives of his deeds and words. It was earlier believed to be a Christian message, but it was used to teach the people the ideas of Jesus of Nazareth in the mid of the second century.

Gospels help understand the situation that took place during the trial of Jesus of Nazareth. He was sentenced to death after the trial, and this has also been discussed in detail in its writings. Gospels also help us in gaining bits of knowledge about several post-resurrection appearances of Jesus of Nazareth.

How Long After The Other Gospels Was John Written

How Long After The Other Gospels Was John Written?

There are four canonical gospels, and they are named differently based on their order of appearance. The first gospel is known as Matthew, whereas the second one is termed as Mark. The third and four gospels are known as Luke and John, respectively. All the four canonical gospels began with the same basic outline in which Jesus starts his public ministry along with John the Baptist. Jesus teaches multiple disciples of his and contributes to the betterment of society. Jesus then dies on the cross, and finally, he is raised from the dead.

Many other gospels were also written after these four canonical gospels. Still, these are considered of prime importance and are very much loved by the Christian community in all parts of the world. Gospels are so valued because they give the proper explanation to the views of Jesus, whereas other authors might manipulate the script based on their thoughts. Gospels help everyone in understanding the ideas of Jesus more transparently.

Gospels John Written
Name Of Canonical GospelTime Of Composition
Gospel of MatthewBetween 80 and 90 AD
Gospel of MarkBetween 65 and 75 CE
Gospel of LukeBetween 80 and 85 CE
Gospel of JohnBetween 90 and 100 CE

All the gospels were written at different times. The Gospel of Matthew was written somewhere between 80 and 90 AD. In contrast, the Gospel of Mark was written between 65 and 75 CE. The Gospel of Luke is known to be composed somewhere between 80 and 85 CE. The last gospel to be composed was the Gospel of John, and it was written between 90 and 100 CE.

Why Was John Written So Long After The Other Gospels?

Just like all the New Testament, all the four canonical gospels were written in the Greek language. However, it is not precisely known who wrote the gospels, but it is believed that none of them were eyewitnesses of the events that transpired with Jesus. It was believed that Jesus would reappear in some form after his death, but it never really happened. That is when his disciples felt that there was a need to write gospels.

As most of the eyewitnesses of Jesus’s life were dead or were very old, the gospels were written based on the things that various people heard about him. Most of the writings were based on the oral traditions that Jesus followed. Some parts of the gospels were also comprised of the miracles that everyone believed happened because of Jesus. Stories about Jesus and his ideas covered the majority of the gospels.

Gospels John Written

It is believed that John was written so long after all the other gospels because some of the writers had different views about the life of Jesus. They believed that not everything written in the other gospels was adequate. As a result, they wanted to gain more and more information about the whereabouts of Jesus during his lifetime. Anyways, all the gospels are considered holy, and they give us a deep knowledge about the life of Jesus and his views on the different prospects of life.


Finally, it can be concluded that four canonical gospels are considered very holy, and it is followed by all the sections of the Christian community. The gospels comprise of the ideas and views of Jesus of Nazareth and explain his journey. It also gives information about his death and trial.

All the four gospels were written at different times. It is believed that the Gospel of John was written somewhere between 90 and 100 CE. However, none of the gospels are written by individuals who met Jesus, but the information passed on based on the events in his life and how he was executed to death.


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