How Long After Tinting Windows Can I Wash (And Why)?

How Long After Tinting Windows Can I Wash (And Why)?

Exact Answer: At least 72 Hours ( 3 Days)

Tinting your car windows can make it look cool. It also helps us protect our skin when we are inside our car. Tinting your car windows can help you prevent UV rays penetration. It makes your car’s interior more secure and gives you privacy.

But, before you tint your window, there are many details that you should know. Some car service companies do not provide you services up to your standards. After tinting your car windows, special treatment is required. The most important of them all is washing your tinted windows at the right time.

How Long After Tinting Windows Can I Wash

How Long After Tinting Windows Can I Wash Them?

Tinting your car windows include the following steps:

Stage NumberSteps included in tinting your windows
Step 1Cleaning the interior and exterior parts of the window
Step 2Using a Heat Gun to shape the film the same shape and size as the window
Step 3Pressing the film in the interior and exterior of the window. Use a metal file to guarantee a nice finish.

You should wait for at least seventy-two hours (three to four days) before washing them well. Some of you might have seen car tints with bubbles in them. This is due to low and careless maintenance of the window after tinting. Before tinting your windows there is certain information you should know. Ensure you have the right budget and the knowledge.

Hire a car window tinting service that has good reviews. Window tints can occur if you have tint films of low quality. There are many fraudulent companies that you must be aware of. Tint bubbles can also be caused by moisture. But, do not fret. The moisture will evaporate after a while.

Tinting Windows

It is necessary to skip car wash for a while after tinting the windows. This can interfere with the drying process of the tint on the windows. Let them dry for at least three to four days before washing them. You can wash them lightly, but not with harsh solutions.

There are many reasons to avoid washing tinted glasses for a while.

Why should you let your tinted window dry for at least seventy two hours?

A tint of the window is made from various components. Window tints are fundamentally very shallow films. They are commonly made of a polyester base. It also has a coating, which leaves the window scratch-resistant. Multiple polyester layers are used to prepare the tint film. The adhesive used is water activated by spraying a soap solution with water. This helps you repositioning the film if any mistakes are made while placing them the first time.

When you wash your tinted windows before at least three days, the water dilutes the adhesive, corroding it This can displace the film stuck to the place. Never use scrapers, razor blades of any sort to wash the windows. Use a soft cloth to wipe them if necessary.

It is ill-advised to use solutions that contain strong chemical components like Ammonia. Use an ammonia-free solution, like a homemade vinegar solution to clean the tinted windows. A solution is used to back up the film and make it stick to the glass.


If you wash the glass any sooner than three days, the adhesive will not try and the film will not stick. This will also create cloudiness, bubbles, and a soapy film, destroying the entire outlook. So, it is a must to let your windows dry for a while after tinting.


Tinting your windows is not a must, but it is advised to protect your windows and give them a cool look. Choose the right service and film to tint your glasses. The selection of these plays a vital role. Once three days have passed after tinting, clean them gently at first. It is a must to clean tinted windows after a certain time. This can help you clean dust stuck to the windows.

Avoid rolling your windows down to protect the glasses from any sort of scratches. Use the right sort of film, find out what looks best on your car. The final outlook of the tinted windows will come out really well and will last long, only if you maintain them well.


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