How Long Do Windows Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Windows Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 to 25 Years

Windows form an integral part of any home. It serves many purposes like ventilation or even making the house or a building look more attractive. There has been a ton of changes to how windows used to be in the past. 

Like any construction, windows also have a lifespan. No matter what material is being used to make the window, it will not last forever. The lifespan of a window depends on a variety of factors. Different types of windows will last for different periods.

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How Long Do Windows Last?

A window is essentially an opening in a wall of the house. This opening helps to let in the light, air, and also sound. There are a lot of techniques that make the windows in any place last for years. The life span of a window has drastically improved over the years due to the new technology of constructing the window, and the manufacturing of the products that are used in the process. 

The period for which the window will last will indefinitely depend on the type of window it is. On average, any window can last for a few decades. Some windows may last longer than others depending on many factors like construction technology, materials used, and many more.

Irrespective of the requirement, a window is an imminent construction when any building or a house is being designed. When the lifespan of a window comes to an end, difficulties might start while opening or closing the window.

Many scenarios shorten the lifespan of a window. Over time, the window will start acquiring dirt or will become difficult to lock and unlock. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to change the windows. Every little detail in the window, and also the area around the window plays an important role in the period for which any window will last.

Some types of windows are known to last for even more than fifty years.

Type of windowLifespan
Double-Hung WindowsEight to twenty years
Single-Hung WindowsFifteen to twenty years
Sliding WindowsFifteen to twenty years
Vinyl WindowsMore than thirty years
Fiberglass WindowsUp to fifty years

Why Do Windows Last That Long?

Windows are fixtures that need to be replaced after a certain period. The lifespan varies due to a lot of factors. Below are a few reasons why windows only last for a specific period:

  • The type of window that is installed is an imminent factor when it comes to the lifespan of any window. The reason behind this is the construction technology that goes into the different types of windows being installed.
  • The craftsmanship that goes into the window installation also plays a notable role in determining the overall lifespan of a window. A small mistake that does not seem significant during the installation may become the reason for its replacement over the years. 
  • Weather conditions or climatic conditions also have a role in the time for which the window will last in any house or building. Windows can change their shape or get warped if it is installed in an area where extreme weather conditions are prevailing. It is a fact that windows that are in contact with direct sunlight for the whole day will wear out faster. Also, when a window is installed in an area with high salinity, the salt can be corrosive and cause problems.
  • The usage of the windows is also an imminent factor determining the time for which the window will last. If used with the utmost care, it can even last more than the average lasting time. Rough usage can cause cracks to appear, which will affect the strength of the window.


The age of any window is at least ten years, after which the problems might start appearing. It is necessary to fix up minor dentures, and defects. This should be done as soon as it is sighted so that future problems can be avoided. 

If a good quality window installation is done, and the climate is also favorable, then chances are that any window will last for a very long time. Also, maintenance can substantially increase the lifespan of any window.


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