How Long After UFC PPV Is It On ESPN Plus (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 15 days

ESPN Plus is a highly popular channel among the youngsters of today’s era. It is one of the esteemed subscription services which include videos of sports, which is being owned by Disney Media Networks. This is an extra service to the currently available ESPN network in the United States.  People prefer ESPN plus to enjoy numerous live events on their respective platforms without any risk and issues.

You can watch golf, soccer, Boxing, UFC, college sports, tennis, and also other interesting and preferable leagues. It also hosts multiple original and major shows. It is the only platform to even stream the UFC events online. You also have the choice to access various games and also could enjoy NHL season games through it.

How Long After UFC PPV Is It On ESPN Plus

How Long After UFC PPV Is It On ESPN Plus?

ESPN plus comes with a 720p HD screen at significantly 60 frames per second. ESPN Plus is popular today because of its biggest perk, i.e. its agreement with UFC. ESPN plus subscription is essential to enjoy the UFC Fight Night and UFC PPV events. You could play the UFC fights and other live events on your Television in many ways.

If you are a die-hard fan of UFC PPV events, you also can access the replay of all the UFC PPV events on your preferred platform with the help of a subscription to ESPN plus if you have purchased the particular event.  Once the live event is terminated or completed, you could enjoy the replay after 15 days of post events whereas UFC Fight Night events will be streaming live on ESPN plus. Usually, three to four events are scheduled per month.

It is one of the disadvantages that UFC PPV events will be available only to the United States on ESPN plus. You can order any UFC PPV events through an existing subscription. Though it is not possible to watch the events of ESPN plus for free, you can choose the best package suitable for you for a limited time and unlike other subscriptions, there will not be any free trial option available for ESPN plus.

Once you have paid and sign in with the credentials, the subscription begins immediately without any delay. It is worth buying a subscription for UFC PPV events. If you are willing to watch PPV events on the play stations, you could make it via the PSN store. You are capable of streaming the PPV events on at most two devices and could only buy it through the official website of ESPN plus.

Regular ESPN NetworkNo live events
ESPN Plus subscriptionStreaming live events
ESPN Plus + Purchased UFC PPV EventsA replay of UFC PPV after 15 days of live event

Why Does That Long On ESPN Plus After UFC PPV?

If you have opted for the annual subscription, it will be automatically renewed after a year at the price of a particular auto-renewal date. Typically, the UFC bout continues for nice to ten minutes and there are three standard rounds with regular terms and conditions. But, the title fights consist of 5 rounds each runs for 5 minutes.

To purchase a UFC PPV event, you should be already an existing ESPN Plus subscriber.  There is a separate cost list for each PPV event, where the amount will be increasing depending on the type of card such as full card, main card, and so on. It takes too much time to review it in ESPN plus as it is the only distributor of UFC PPV events in the US.


If you are a good UFC fan, try to purchase a UFC fight pass, which will be the best and worthy option. You can watch numerous historical content at a very small cost. But you will be eligible to enjoy only the early prelims. While subscribing to ESPN plus, you should be above 16 and must agree to the terms and conditions of ESPN plus.

In few cases, people come up with major issues while watching events in ESPN plus, as it gets stuck in between and does not work properly occasionally. You are recommended with quite easy solutions if you are striking with freezing or buffering issues.  Reopen the ESPN plus app. When you are watching it on your laptop or phone, try to restart it. Or you may also try to install the ESPM plus app on other preferable devices.


After purchasing the UFC PPV events, watch the replay on your smart TV or any other apt smart device. Visit the official website in case of any transaction issues during the purchase and try out few steps for a speedy recovery. UFC has also permitted pubs, bars, restaurants, etc… for PPV events at their discretion.

You can either watch it on the web or devices like Android TV, Android phones and tablets. You also should be aware that, UFC PPV events cannot be brought by any satellite or cable providers.


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