How Long After Vaccine Are You Immune (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Weeks

A century back, people used to die because of tuberculosis, cholera, smallpox, etc. But now these diseases can be cured without breaking any sweat. They would be used to take the shape of an epidemic. But as time passed, medical advancements made it easy to treat these diseases at home. Doctors created vaccines for most of the diseases so that the body becomes immune to that disease.

Taking vaccines can is like taking protection against a deadly disease. Most of the vaccines take about 2 weeks to fully start working and boost the immunity system. Sometimes it may have a side effect so the doctors should check the person before giving him or her the vaccine.

How Long After Vaccine Are You Immune

How Long After Vaccine Are You Immune?

Polio VaccinesTill 5 Years Age
Covid Vaccines2 Doses

The time taken by a vaccine to fully work is almost 2 weeks. The time designated is the same for almost all the vaccines. But there are some exceptions. Some vaccines may take less or more than the designated time. Vaccines are antibodies of certain diseases for which it is created. Vaccines have a course that has to be completed. Without completing the course the vaccine cannot work to its full potential.

A few decades back, polio was one of the diseases that were feared by the people of India. Polio causes paralysis and happens when someone drinks contaminated water or comes in contact with another person who has polio. Polio had taken a huge toll on the Indian people. So the government started to fight against the disease by making polio vaccines to eradicate it from the country.

The 21st century saw a polio-free India due to the vaccines. Every child is given a polio vaccine until the age of five. From a recent study, it is shown that polio has been completely eradicated from India. In the case of polio, the course of the vaccine is kept going for 5 years as the poliovirus used to attack between the ages 6 months to 4 years.


Not only the polio vaccine but there are several incidents all over the world where vaccines are required to cure diseases. For example, hepatitis A and B, tuberculosis, and even yellow fever have vaccines. All of them have different course time and age requirements to take the vaccine.

Why Does It Take Long To Be Immune After Vaccine?

The 2 week time to be immune is completely normal after taking a vaccine. A vaccine needs time to settle in the body and fight the foreign particles against which it is fighting. The antibodies need time to adjust to the body. An old person will take much longer than a young person to get habituated with the vaccine. A single disease may have different vaccines and a person may take one suitable with his or her body.

The Covid situation has left the world in turmoil. Several vaccines have been made out of which only the Covishield vaccine, Covaxin vaccine, and Sputnik V vaccine have been of help. Even after taking these vaccines, a person can fall sick so he or she should strictly follow the Covid protocols even after getting vaccinated. The vaccines are of two-dose course and the two vaccines are taken after 90 days gap.


The second dose of the covid vaccines is more powerful than the first and helps in building a stronger immunity system. Different countries have their vaccines. Pfizer- BioNTech and Moderna are among the other vaccines that have a moderate success rate. It is very important to get consulted by the doctor before taking any vaccine. Sometimes a vaccine may take longer to work and that should not cause any panic among the patients.


Even if several vaccines have been made to fight against Covid 19, none of them have a perfect success ratio. Pfizer – BioNTech, Moderna, and Covaxin have a success rate between 50%-55%, Covishield has a success rate of 65%. Out of these Sputnik V has a success ratio above 90%. Doctors and scientists all over the world are trying their best to make a vaccine that has a perfect success ratio so that people do not have to suffer.

A lot of vaccines have been made over the years and each of them has been a huge help to humankind. People feel safer with these vaccines around. Epidemics have been turned into two-day bed rest with the help of vaccines. And it is because of the doctors.



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