How Long After LVL Can I Get Lash Extensions (And Why)?

How Long After LVL Can I Get Lash Extensions (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6-8 Weeks

LVL is a type of treatment for lashes where the treatment includes lash lifting. Women wanting a gorgeous and natural look opt for this treatment so that their lashes look beautiful and also natural. The process of LVL uses a special serum that straightens the roots of the lashes so that to achieve an uber-curled look.

However, if you want an eyelash extension it is suggested that you wait for a few weeks before doing that. Your lashes need time to smoothen themselves so that correct bonding occurs. In case your eyelashes are kinked then it could be very difficult to bond and will not last much.

How Long After LVL Can I Get Lash

How Long After LVL Can I Get Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions after LVLRecommended waiting for at least 6-8 weeks
Keratin lash lift lasts for6-8 weeks
LVL involvesLength, volume, and lift.

Women who wanting a low-maintenance lash enhancement can opt for this treatment because the treatment will bring out the best eyelashes that they have been wanting for quite a long time. You should also know that a lash can be lifted to any length and it would still look great on many people.

However, there are certain points to keep in mind if you want to get this treatment. Often there are certain circumstances where this kind of treatment cannot be performed and there might be more negative effects than positive ones.

In case you have had an allergic reaction to your previous lash extension treatment then it is better not to go for the treatment. However, it is best to check with a doctor before you want to move further with the treatment. Ask your doctor if there are some kind of tests on whether the eyelash extension treatment would suit you or not.

Lash Extensions

Other things like if you recently had eye surgery or a Lasik surgery then you must avoid this treatment. The cornea would be still in its healing stage and people who are into lash extension treatment cannot work closely if they have these certain conditions.

Why Does It Take That Long To Get Lash Extensions After LVL?

Every treatment procedure takes or consumes some time because the whole procedure has to be slow and to be done carefully by the experts or professionals. People wanting to get their lash extensions need to have some patience because they do not want a complication from happening during the process of the treatment.

Lash lifting and lash extensions do not go well together and this is why it is recommended to wait for about six to eight weeks. After you have waited for 8 weeks it is then you can start looking for eyelash extensions depending on your lash cycle.

Most people get worried about going for LVL treatment because they fear that there might be some kind of complication after the treatment is completed. But, the treatment will cause no harm because there are some conditions that you should keep in mind.

In case you have done some kind of eyelash treatment recently then this treatment will likely cause major damage. You should always take some time to heal and then you should book for LVL treatment. There is no need to book for an LVL treatment within a week just after you had another treatment.

Lash Extensions

You should also know that eyelash extension will not destroy your natural lashes. If the treatments are done correctly and properly then there is nothing to worry about. Your health of the lashes will be healthy.


In the end, you have to be careful about what you want to do with your lashes. Small damage could change the overall outlook of the face. So, make sure everything is done right and carefully so that there is no damage caused to the area.

There is no need to go for such kinds of treatment if you have the perfect lashes. A natural look will suit you the best but you decide whether the treatment is better for your look. There are also certain points that you have to keep in mind for taking care of your eyelashes and make sure you try to follow those.


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  1. It is very risky to have eyelashes extension after and LVL, people should be aware of the consequences

    1. Indeed, I’ve heard terrible stories of people who didn’t wait enough and had terrible consequences. The advice in the article is really helpful.

  2. This article has really good advice, especially the warning about not having an LVL if you’ve had a recent treatment

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