How Long After Vyragosa Does TLPD Spawn (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 To 22 Hours

The World of Warcraft is an online Multiplayer Role Playing game that has many sequels and movies which was released from the year 2004 to 2020. In this game, Vyragosa is a level 80 dragon that is blue with scary thorns and scales found rarely in the storm of peaks.

The paths used by Vyragosa are shown in four different colors on the map. Similarly, Time-Lost Proto-Drake or TLPD is a dragon that is gold in color and is difficult to defeat. It also shares flight paths with the Vyragosa. Both are high-level monsters and rarely in the storm peaks.

How Long After Vyragosa Does TLPD Spawn

How Long After Vyragosa Does TLPD Spawn?

Expansion packs of World of WarcraftReleased year
The Burning Crusade2007
Wrath of the Lich King2008
Mists of Pandaria2012
Warlords of Draenor2014
Battle for Azeroth2018

Vyragosa is a high-level dragon and cannot be killed easil6. You have to complete many quests and should increase your levels in the game, to fight or defeat Vyragosa. You will have to kill at least 24 Vyragosas and only after that, the Time-Lost Proto-Drake will spawn. It will take from 6 hours to 22 hours for the Time-Lost Proto-Drake to spawn depending on how much of a good gamer you are.

Online Multiplayer Role Playing games are mostly loved by people all around the world. This game can be played alone and also with friends. These kinds of games are advantageous in many ways because they can aid us in creating new friends and also to experience interesting gameplay with our friends. The World of Warcraft game has interesting storylines which are liked by many gamers all around the world.

They have powerful characters in the game who can be friends or foes for us. Vyragosa and Time-Lost Proto-Drake are obstacles for us in the games. Vyragosas are commonly found when you are at higher levels. Similarly, the Time-Lost Proto-Drake is very rarely found and you should be at a higher level to defeat it.


You will have to give a lot of time and attention to complete the game. The World of Warcraft game is more than 16 years old but is still loved by people all around the world. This game has a lot of interesting stuff other than roleplaying which includes dungeons and raids, pet battles, and mount collections, and so on.

Why Does It Take 6 To 22 Hours For TLPD To Spawn?

Both Vyragosa and Time-Lost Proto-Drake have a spawn time of 2 to 8 hours. But some gamers have noticed that sometimes these dragons might spawn before 2 hours. The Time-Lost Proto-Drake is a high-level dragon that can be killed with at least a five-man group. Unlike Vyragosa, Time-Lost Proto-Drake cannot be skinned. So if you see a Time-Lost corpse you will have to wait a little bit before its timer begins.

The Time-Lost Proto-Drake drops one of the most desirable mounts in the game. When a spawn is happening at a location there is only a ten percent chance that I can be a Time-Lost Proto-Drake. After you kill a Vyragosa you normally would have to wait for 30 minutes before the corpse despawns and the timer would start. But instead when you kill a Vyragosa and you skin her immediately, the spawn timer starts ticking right away because the corpse disappears. This could potentially increase the number of kills that you get each day.


The increase in the number of kills every day increases the chances of defeating the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. The best thing about the World of Warcraft game is the dungeon and raid content. Here you can group with your friends to defeat immensely powerful foes. Every player will have a unique role to play and you learn about the game and go to higher levels together.

Multiplayer games are loved by everyone as you can play them with your friends. The World of Warcraft is a great game to play with your friends online which has wonderfully designed storylines and graphics.


The World of Warcraft game has beautifully designed graphics and fights which makes it more unique. This type of gameplay has been continually expanded to invite more players into the experience. You might find it difficult at first to feel invested in the game when you play alone.

The fact that you can play with strangers for easier versions for all of this content means that nobody is truly left out and that is great if you have no friends. The World of Warcraft has continued to improve over time. It is still one of the best games in the world to play with your friends.


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