How Long To Use Aquaphor After Laser Resurfacing (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3-5 Days

For those who do not know what is an Aquaphor then it is a type of petroleum jelly used after laser resurfacing on those areas that have been treated. Laser Resurfacing is also known as Photorejuvenation.

Laser Resurfacing is a skin treatment used to treat several types of skin conditions like removing wrinkles, spots, and textures. However, after the process of laser resurfacing, there are certain wounds created on the surface of the skin which is curable on their own. It is also important to take care of your skin post-operation.

How Long To Use Aquaphor After Laser Resurfacing

How Long To Use Aquaphor After Laser Resurfacing?

Laser Resurfacing/PhotorejuvenationIs a type of skin treatment used to remove things like wrinkles, spots, and texture.
Applying Aquaphor post-surgeryFor 3-5 days so that the wounds are cleared.

The treatment procedure might be a great option for most people but it is also important for the patients to take proper care of their skin. The patients should follow all the instructions that are provided to them by their doctors so that to prevent any complications from happening.

Most of the things that you should and you should not do must come from yourself because you know what could cause harm to your skin after the treatment. The first week after the procedure is one of the most vital and crucial times where you have to take care of your skin.

During the first week, you will be swollen and will be instructed to be covered with different types of creams. It will also be instructed to you that you shall not leave your house for the whole week. However, things will start to change once you spend 5-6 days and the recovery becomes much easier.


The process of the laser resurfacing basically involves removing the outer layer of the skin. Therefore, proper healing is required so that you could look the best within a week after the treatment. You will be instructed not to touch your face without washing your hands properly. If you are careless about it and you touch your face by not washing your hands then bacterial infections can occur.

Why Does It Take That Long To Use Aquaphor After Laser Resurfacing?

Aquaphor is just a petroleum jelly that will help you to heal faster and there would be other types of cream that you would have to apply for a few days after the laser treatment. Well, the instructions should be followed because it would be useless if you do not get the best results out of the laser treatment.

You should be taken care of by someone who should be an adult in your house for at least the first 24 hours after the treatment. While sleeping or laying down you should use two pillows for at least two days after the treatment.

You should take all the prescribed medicines to prevent any kind of pain because controlling pain would be impossible. You should take complete rest for a week meaning that you would have to restrict your activities for a while.

Laser Resurfacing

In case, swelling occurs on the treated site you should immediately use cold packs on the area for any kind of discomfort or swelling. You might feel dizzy once you stand up from a lying position and this is why you should remain seated for at least a couple of minutes before you get up and start walking.

In case, you are unable to stand or sit due to the feeling of dizziness then it is best you lie back once again so that you do not faint. Always take the help of someone before you do any activity.


In the end, it is the best result that you want out of the Laser Resurfacing treatment that you had. Once you go through the healing process then you can do your daily activities but still, you would have to do things very carefully.

Ask your doctor what are the type of products that you could apply to your skin once you have healed or other such kinds of things. You do not want any kind of complications from happening after the treatment and this is why you should refrain from any kind of activity for at least 7-10 days.



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  1. Should be noted that cold packs are important for discomfort or swelling. This is very informative.

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