How Long After Appendectomy Can I Lift Weights (And Why)?

How Long After Appendectomy Can I Lift Weights (And Why)?

Exact answer: After 3-4 weeks

Appendectomy is a surgery for removing the affected appendix from your body. The appendix is a part of the large intestine small sac-like structure. The exact function of the appendix is not known. After an appendectomy, you should take rest at least for 2 weeks to heal the sutures and don’t lift anything heavy to avoid complications. You need a full recovery to lift weights and other heavy exercises.

An appendectomy is a destructive form of surgery in which surgery has to remove the vermiform appendix out from the body. This is always done in an emergency case because appendicitis could be fatal if untreated or not removed.

How Long After Appendectomy Can I Lift Weights

How Long After Appendectomy Can I Lift Weights?

Minimum time3 weeks
Maximum time4 weeks

Generally in most appendicitis needs surgical treatment. When appendicitis is neglected it can cause bursting of the appendix which may sometimes fatal so positively you should remove it through consultation with your doctor.
Nowadays appendicitis is seen in the majority of the population due to irregular and ill food habits. The exact cause of appendicitis is not known but some experts say it because of obstruction of a part of the appendix.

Health consultants always suggest not to start and physical activities suddenly after surgery this could open the sutures and surgical treatment can b affected. You could start step by step from a very little walk then jogging and then exercise. You should rest as per the doctor’s advice. Indulgence in any kind of activity should be avoided for a minimum of at least three weeks following the actual process of appendectomy. After going through the process of appendectomy, exercise and other strenuous activities should be avoided excessively. Weight lifting should also be avoided.


Appendectomy has been proven to be an effective procedure to cure appendicitis. Nowadays, most patients start living their normal lives after the surgery. They do not face any side effects. The diet and medicines should be prescribed by the doctor to avoid complications. Some antibiotics will even be prescribed by the doctor to reduce the risks of infections. The medications should be taken on time and shouldn’t discontinue. Usually, the process of complete recovery may take about six weeks from the day of surgery.

The region surrounding the incisions may contract infections due to dampness. Hence, it is advised to clean the affected area always. The region should also be kept dry always. The dressing should be changed regularly with time. One should even maintain hygiene and wash hands properly.

Why Should I Wait So Long To Lift Weights After Appendectomy?

Appendectomy is a procedure of removing the affected painful appendix. Following surgery, you need the rest of the body to recover from the sutures and to heal. During this surgery, the surgeon has to make a large cut or incision over the right side belly button through which the appendix was removed out and this procedure is coming under open surgery.

Another way of doing appendicectomy surgery is by laparoscopy method, where a small incision was made to operate the affected appendix. Laparoscopic type of surgery is one of the modern technology and it’s very advantageous over open surgery. Open surgery needs a lot of time to heal because of the size of the incision in contrast to the patient needs less time to recover in the laparoscopic method of treatment. Due to which you need to stay a long while doing appendectomy in open treatment. But it’s all up to the doctor which way to adopt.

Lift Weights

Sometimes appendix affects a larger area so removing that open treatment is best. In some neglected cases when the appendix is about to burst doctor may not go for laparoscopic surgery. If you confirm that you have appendicitis then go for regular screening to diagnose the condition. Most of them neglect the situation and have to handle the worse condition when the appendix bursts and there is a bacteria infection.

If you have an abscess then the doctor will drain out the pus and fluid without removing the appendix. Some research also says that antibiotics can treat the acute appendicitis condition, but you should regularly do screening for diagnosing the condition.


Although there is no prevention for appendicitis to avoid the condition you may consume more and more fiber-rich foods which include fresh fruits and vegetables. Your specific timeline for exercise and weight lifting activities after appendectomy will be up to your doctor they will advise you by regularly screening your recovery rate. If you are recovering well then you may be allowed to do normal physical activities. In cases of complications, the doctor would prolong the time of discharge.

One should not forget to rest. Resting is very important after any medical process. This ensures enough time for the body to heal itself after the process. Even when physical exercises are allowed it should be kept in mind that the pace of starting should be slow. It should be started with low-intensity activities like walking, jogging. After these, high-intensity exercises and activities like running and weight lifting. In the case of weight lifting, you may start with a much small weight.


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