How Long After Yugioh Is Gx (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After ten years

A very popular Japanese anime spin-off series, originally extended from the original version. Starting from October 6, 2004, to March 26, 2008, this show was successfully aired in Japan on TV Tokyo. This show is popular among Japanese people.



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Therefore, the original title got succeeded again by the popular spin-off series, known as Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. Whereas this series shows quite a diversified and exploiting story of Jaden Yuki. This all followed up, as the Duel Academia was attended by him. Therefore, following the legacy of Yu-Gi-Oh!, it took place after ten years and it was a successful one, with flying colors.

How Long After Yugioh Is

How Long After Yugioh Is Gx?

EpisodeDate of release
First episode06 October 2004
Final episode26 March 2008

After a long period of 10 years, it reappeared. With a story highly connected to the new generation. An institution that was founded by Seto Kaiba, which trains the aspirants of the Duel Monsters. This was a surreal experience to again follow up the story which inspired and entertained millions and carried a lot of buzzes.

Although it took almost ten years after the event to create this, still the charm and the anime were worth waiting for. Normally, it takes years to create and write a story that could be acclaimed worldwide. So, it’s normal why it took the creators this long time to create beauty.

This series was written by Junki Takegami and Shin Yoshida simultaneously, dividing the number of episodes in between. The score of the series was mentored by Yutaka Minobe and Hatsuki Tsuji, who supervised it. Nihon Ad System and TV Tokyo operated the production house and the inexpensive subsidy. Studio Gallop was the outstanding animation studio that developed the whole episode.

With the completion of the first show, it is claimed that GX is the only show which follows the closest timeline to the original one, and is a complete direct sequel to the original. Yugi and a few more past and interesting characters like Pegasus and Kaiba, also glimpse us some minor appearances in the show. With the popularity of the show, it was further dubbed into different languages including English, and it gained more popularity from all the corners of the world. So, it’s after a valuable decade after the event, that Yu-Gi-Oh! GX took place.

Why Was Yugioh So Long After Gx?

It’s crystal clear that it’s not a layman’s job to create a follow-up show like this, and taking time to create this is quite natural. The production value, the production process, animating, and editing works are some of the fine time taking jobs while creating this. The writer duo of the story also said that containing 180 episodes in the original Japanese version, it takes a lot of toils to write the plot, keeping in mind the track of events and the characteristics of the characters.

And that show, which catches a lot of views within. So, some well-spent time is needed to write this whole environment. Although the Japanese one had a huge 180 episodes, it was a little lessened later by editing to 155 episodes, in the English version. Other than TV Tokyo, which aired the original version, the English dubbed versions were broadcasted in different channels like, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, And AU network Ten. This shows how a large number of the population was head over heels for this show.

This show was subsequently licensed by 4Kids Entertainment, which was also distributed by the huge Warner Bros Family Entertainment. During the dubbing of the original version to the English one, various changes were seen in the soundtracks as well as the characters, sound effects, the ambiance, and also some visual effects. 4K Media Inc. is currently holding the license of this Yu-Gi-Oh! The later dubbed versions of the episodes are currently streaming on streaming platforms like Hulu and Crunchyroll. Hence, these are some reasons why it took so long for the follow-up and how popular and charming it has grown worldwide.


Some people come with a judgment that, anime is only what young people and children watch. But with the popularity of the growing anime, which include Yu-Gi-Oh! Are proving this judgment wrong. Following the story of a young guy, layered with an ambitious plot, the story binds people till the end.

Hence, this spin-off series may have checked the patience of its fans, but it is not that long time of ten years when you have something really interesting anime. The colossal and gigantic show which contains 180 episodes in the original number of episodes, is a treat to watch and it’s really interesting to follow up the story after Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters.


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