How Long To Beat Valkyria Chronicles (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 40 to 50 hours

Have you ever looked at the valkyria chronicles franchise but didn’t know where to start? Valkyria Chronicles is a turn-based strategy RPG with real-time elements you select units you want to control from a map once you do the view switches to a third-person mode where things happen in real-time for the most part anyway there’s intercepting fire from enemy units but none of them move around when it is your turn the game setting appears to be the second world war but there’s a bit more to it than that. it is an alternate universe where countries and landmass layouts are different to the real world technology is different too far.



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How Long To Beat Valkyria Chronicles

How Long Does It Take To Beat Valkyria Chronicles?

Aircraft don’t exist but at the same time, certain types of weapons or vehicles are a bit more advanced than you might expect from the time. There are several types of units like scouts who use rifles and walk on distances shock troopers who can’t run as far per turn bots can shoot with machine guns as well as a variety of other ones like snipers engineers who can fix tanks and resupply ammo Lancers who are anti-tank infantry tanks themselves and other vehicles to selecting the right units and classes for each mission and understanding their strengths and weaknesses is key to victory.

Time is taken to beat the valkyria chronicles

To complete all 21 Valkyria Chronicles remastered trophies40-50 hours
To complete all 36 Valkyria Chronicles 60-80 hours

You probably already noticed that there’s something already going on with the art style as well. The game looks like a watercolor painting with some comic book or manga influences with the visual sound effects here. I’d like to look and there’s nothing quite like it the soft and usually muted colors give everything a bit of a dreamy look and feel something that brings a bit of life into your squad is the fact that each character is unique there are no generic units in your squad. Each soldier has their name appearance, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences of what other characters they like to be around.  Some of them even have sides stories where you not only get to learn more about them but certain weaknesses can also be changed into strengths that make those characters better in combat also expect for the main characters all other characters will die if they fall and the enemy reaches them before you or you take too long to evacuate them.

Why Does It Take Time to Beat Valkyria Chronicles?

The story is that the war would just call the second year open war started when two superpowers- the imperials and the federation go to war over fuel which in this case is a blue or called rag night. It is everywhere tanking grenades thing you name it so if you see something that’s blue and glowing.

Its rag knight the imperial are the baddies here and the focus o each game’s storyline is on a squad that is from a small country called Galia even if the squad isn’t always part of the galleon array-like in Victoria chronicles 4 where you’re part of the federation army the characters themselves have galleon roots many themes you expect from world war 2 stories are preset here and are explored in various ways. While the games tend to be on the more realistic side of the spectrum. Some fantastical elements show themselves usually in the latter part of the games.

There are four games overall valkyria chronicles one two three and four. Their names are very simple and convenient. There is a spin-off called valkyria revolution. It takes place in another world as valkyria chronicles and it’s much more fantasy-oriented. That four-game is split into two different categories. the first is traditional games and the second category consists of PSP games. valkyria chronicles 1 & 2 are the traditional games with the middle being the PSP game. There some distinctive differences between them.


People should play the first game because the story is better at introducing the world. The fourth game leaves many things unexplained as if it expects you to have played one or more of the previous game also the story has some common anime tropes that are perhaps a little bit more obvious here than in the first game so my recommendations seem to be pretty clear. Play the fourth one first ten it might be wearied going back to the first game because the graphics are noticeably not as good and there are also some gameplay refinements and features that are handy.


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