How Long After Zoladex Do Periods Return (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 2 to 3 weeks

The treatment during breast cancer or prostate cancer is termed as something difficult and serious, then the other treatments. During these treatments, some medications are used which can create an adverse effect on the other sex hormones and also the natural sexual activities, in the women. Among all those medications, Zoladex is one of them, which is firmly used to suppress the production of sexual hormones during this treatment.

The actual medicine present within the Zoladex is the Goserelin, which is sold and marketed under the brand name Zoladex. And, it is totally normal to have a pause or fluctuation in the menstrual cycle during this medication. But it can all come into a normal stage after almost 2 to 3 weeks after the first injection.  

How Long After Zoladex Do Periods Return

How Long After Zoladex Do Periods Return?

Pain After Using Remains For7 to 8 days
Time Taken By Zoladex To Work20 to 30 days

When it is the treatment of something related to your secondary sexual organs, it is also your normal sexual cycles that take a stake. Zoladex takes almost more than 20 to 30 days to start working basically. It is measured with each pellet and with each pellet the symptoms reduce. However, once the consumption of the medicine is over, the sexual characters can start performing in their normal way. After the medication, there is no risk of conceiving a life within the uterus and no problem in getting pregnant. 

However, the more helpful this Zoladex injection is, the more harmful it is if treated in the wrong way. This injection is meant to be injected regularly, and if one does is also missed for some reason, there can be a lot of side effects. It may start fluctuating your sugar level, and you need to keep a regular check on the sugar level, even though you have nothing wrong with your diabetes. The break within the doses can also cause some breakthrough bleeding if it becomes a serious matter. However, once you put a dot on using the Zoladex, then regular periods would again start performing their regular work timely. 


Some symptoms may also disappear after the treatment, like the small cysts or the swellings, which are on the ovaries. These create a lot of pain during their presence. Although this pain would fade away, it is a little difficult to periods after this also, in some of the exceptional cases. In some cases, menopause takes a toll too early and the periods never return after the treatment also. 

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Why Do Periods Return So Long After Zoladex?

It is mostly seen that people recover a little late after taking the Zoladex to their normal life. As it is a type of chemotherapy and is used for the treatment of breast and ovary cancers, it is too powerful too. It all depends on how immunized one is and how great he or she can handle the high doses of the medicine. The GnRH agonists are those types of hormones that come as a blockage for ovulation. It is simply that, when a mature egg gets released from the ovary and is ready to get fertilized, the ovulation takes place. But with the GnRH of the Zoladex, blocks this track and further, no ovulation takes place.  

So it can be concluded that Zoladex is like a temporary shutdown for the ovaries. This further carries out that one cannot become pregnant while taking the doses of this medication. As most women fail to get their periods on time due to this, hence it is unlikely that one can get pregnant. 


All these are regarded as the side effects of the medication and this creates a lot of complications. It is mostly seen after almost a couple of hours of the medication that these problems occur. One may also face some serious problems which include the pituitary gland and rarely do these come out as some serious problems. It is to be strictly noted that, once you start consuming the Zoladex, its effects are totally non-negotiable. You can’t reverse the effects but if you stop using the medicine the periods are going to take a step forward again after 3 to 4 weeks. 

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Although it is rarely complained about, still some women face vaginal bleeding during the early treatment of this. It may get stopped spontaneously, but this only occurs during the first month of the starting of the treatment. Some also come out saying, it also helped them gain weight. It is almost possible to gain weight with this, and it is seen in the study that almost 3% of people consuming Zoladex gain some weight.

Hence, Zoladex may help in curing big diseases like cancer and all, but it also comes with a lot of side effects. One has to go through these side effects for at least a month and can regain their normal periods after two to three weeks of the medication. 


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    1. I understand your concern, but sometimes the benefits of the treatment outweigh the risks. It’s all about informed decision-making.

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