How Long Do Dog Periods Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Dog Periods Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three To Four Months

People love to keep pets, especially when it is a cat or a dog. Although, they are living beings who can take care of themselves on their own. If a person wants to keep them as a pet, there are many things that one should be aware of.

Right from their food habits to sleep cycles and more. A pet owner needs to be aware and prepared about their pet in all ways possible. Amongst many options to keep as a pet, the most popular or common one is a dog. They are faithful and energetic, and that makes them great companions.

It is necessary to know everything about a dog before keeping it as a pet. Especially something as crucial as a dog’s periods.

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How Long Do Dog Periods Last?

Dogs are naturally way different from humans. It is necessary to understand things about pet dogs and take proper care of them. Female dogs, like human females, have the period that helps them breed. However, the periods that female dogs have are far different than that of humans.

When a dog reaches the age of six months, it becomes mature. It is at this point that most female dogs have their heat period. To be more precise, female dogs have estrus cycles. It is during this time that the ovaries of a dog release eggs for breeding. If a dog mates at this time, it has a very high chance of conceiving. Multiple hormonal changes happen in the female dog during its estrus cycle, mainly the first one.

Unlike humans, dogs do not have their estrus cycle every month. The heat period of a dog lasts for about three to four months. This period happens twice or thrice a year, depending upon a lot of factors. 

During the estrus cycle, the dog also faces bleeding for some days. But it eventually stops after seven to 10 days. The duration of the bleeding or the estrus cycle can differ from breed to breed.

Age of the dogLength of the period
Younger dogsThree to four months
Older dogsOne to two months

Why Does Dog Period Last That Long?

When a dog is on period, it faces a lot of changes that are both hormonal and behavioral. Generally, once a dog is six months old, it hits puberty and the female dogs have heat periods. However, there might be a few changes depending on the breed.

Every dog is different, and so is their period. Also, how a dog will behave during its estrus cycle is different. The bleeding patterns might also be different for various dogs.

Many factors are responsible for these changes and the duration of the period in dogs. The reasons are as below:

  • One of the imminent aspects that will define the length of heat in a dog is the breed. The dogs that are smaller in size have their estrus cycle more frequently. Breeds like St. Bernard which are big might experience the estrus cycle for as little as once a year. So, dogs of some breeds will experience more period cycles than other breeds.
  • The dog’s age is also a defining factor as to how long and how apart the period of the dog might be. Younger dogs are known to have more frequent periods. While as a dog ages, the period comes farther apart from the previous one. Plus, the fertility rate also decreases in older dogs.


When a female dog hits puberty or starts experiencing its first-ever estrus cycle, the changes will be visible. There are chances that the dog will urinate more than usual. The dog will then start showing the signs of mating. It simply means that its body is now ready to reproduce.

It is necessary to take notice of the changes to avoid unwanted conception. It can always be a great idea to visit the regular vet to know about all the available options. The vet can check whether the dog is still healthy or it needs some extra care or medication. This way, the dog can have the best health during its heat cycles.


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