How Long After Calcium Can I Take ZMA (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 4-6 hours

ZMA is mainly a combination of Zinc along magnesium. Other components like aspartate and Vitamin B6 are also present in it. Zinc is helpful not only for the immune system but also for the muscles. Magnesium plays an important role in maintaining muscle health and manages duration. Vitamin B6 helps boost energy levels in our bodies. The makers of ZMA  claimed that increasing these three nutrients in your body system will build muscle strength and stamina. Other effects such as an increase in speed muscle recovery, and improve quality, and better peaceful sleep. 



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Similarly, for a well-built body having strong enough bones calcium is an important component. With our everyday diet, the consumption of calcium is mandatory. Studies have proven that calcium is the building element of our body. The hardest entities of our body are mostly made up of calcium components. The sharp laboring of different nervous activities is also enacted by calcium. The messages from the brain and from there to all over the body are the crucial task of calcium.

How Long After Calcium Can I Take ZMA

How Long After Calcium Can I Take ZMA?

The duration between intake of calcium and ZMA4-6 hours
Time for which calcium stays in the body5 hours

The consumption ratio for the products we use is 20-30 mg Zinc and 400-500 mg Magnesium. This supplement should be avoided in taking with calcium, as it can be deadly because calcium blocks the passage for absorption of Zinc in the body, and we should take a look that, any ZMA that has a small content of calcium in it should be avoided. ZMA has a direction of consumption. It should be taken after the dinner with a healthy gap of 2 hours as advised by exports. You can also consume it after taking other supplements but make sure at least 30 minutes of the gap must be there. 

As said, the most important nutrient usually interferes with most of the known medications used. If we consider a thinner similar to warfarin, the small amount of vitamin K present in the MVM can easily low down its strength. The risk of bleeding raises in the body if the intake of vitamin E is more than 1000 mg in amount. If a person is taking thyroid medication within taking magnesium, calcium, or iron supplements within 4 hours of thyroid medication also degrades the body strength. Better if we ask our doctor to arrange the medication in a schedule for an effective result.

So to cut off all the possible common problems which may lead to higher health issues which can lead to the risky situation are just avoided. So a minimum of 4-6 hours gap is taken between consuming the calcium supplement and ZMA for the best effective result rather than facing problems.

Why Can I Take ZMA So Long After Calcium?

If we follow some research or studies made by the experts, we can see the interference of calcium and zinc is very fatal. As per the studies, absorption of calcium and zinc at the same time leads to blocking of the passage which restricts zinc supplement from entering and may lead to imbalances of zinc in the human body. For keeping a healthy intestine calcium is also one of the vital bases. To keep your transportation and absorption process active you need to consume this. A balance of concentration between calcium and magnesium is highly necessary to keep the lumen active. Maintaining a little higher concentration of magnesium and calcium is good for lumen. 

Most fitness-conscious personalities and bodybuilders prefer to use zinc magnesium aspartate.  Which is widely accepted as a good product component for body health. Vitamin B6, zinc, and magnesium are very effective Constituents of ZMA. It is recommended by most of the exports and advisors. It not only helps in the growth of the body muscles but also improves your sleep cycle effectively. 

Zinc mineral is found out as the necessary substitute of many enzymes and actively participates in the process of metabolism, also indigestion, and also in several mechanisms of the body. 

Magnesium handles hundreds of chemical reactions in the human body and also boosts energy levels.  A very important component is present, Vitamin B6.  And which is needed for processes as the substitute making of neurotransmitters and also in the metabolism of nutrients, etc.


For every supplement and vitamin intake, there are certain limitations in taking and doses vary. Even they have a long duration gap between the doses. Most probably two supplements of different elements are not prescribed by doctors to take because it may lead to blockage of nerves and may even result in severe health situations like paralysis, and even coma, etc.

It is necessary to take export advice before using any product. So before blindly taking supplements, without thinking of it, assuming it increases your stamina and strength leads to serious consequences. Not only supplements, but before taking any medications we should contact the doctor and know about it.


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