How Long Ago Was The Big Bang (And Why)?

How Long Ago Was The Big Bang (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 13.7 Billion Years Ago

The Earth and the universe are something that leaves every person in awe. The universe and the planets had existed long before even humans existed. When it comes to the universe, it is expansive, and even today, the discovery is incomplete.

Humans never imagined that the universe could be so vast until they started studying space little by little. The planet that humans live in is a small part of the milky way. There are millions and millions of galaxies that exist. The space is so vast that studying or knowing about the whole universe is not as easy as it may sound.

How Long Ago Was The Big Bang

How Long Ago Was The Big Bang?

The Earth that gets known today was not how it was millions and billions of years ago. The Earth came into existence billions of years before humans started inhabiting the Earth’s surface. Everything has a start, so did our universe and the Earth.

The start of the universe was billions of years ago when there was no living being. Through studying time and space, humans have somewhat solved the mystery about how the Earth or the universe came to be.

The study of the universe and the physics that is involved in it is called Astrophysics. It is unimaginable, but the whole of the universe was a tiny point. Then one fine day, there was an explosion that no man could ever imagine. This explosion caused the creation of matter, which is at the core of any living being.

This explosion was solely responsible for creating the galaxies and the universe that is the home for humans today. This explosion is what is called the big bang. There is a whole theory that relates to and studies the big bang. The theory gets called the big bang theory.

This explosion that is called the big bang happened around 13. 7 billion ago. It was because of the big bang that the world is what it is today. Due to the big bang, the explosion caused the energy to spread everywhere at 300,000,000 meters per second speed. That caused the temperature of the universe to rise to 1000 trillion degrees celsius. 

However, that lasted only for a tiny fraction of seconds, which led to the whole universe cooling down after the minute fraction post big bang. The cooling of the universe is the primary reason why the planets formed. Even that is why human exists today.

What happenedWhen it happened
The big bang13.7 billion years ago
Discovery of the big bang100 years ago

Why Was The Big Bang That Long Ago?

Everything happens for a reason and leads to something that gets destined to be. It does not matter if it is a minor thing like a person waking up late.

Such an extraordinary thing happened when the big bang took place. It happened only for a few seconds, and it created a place where humans and other living beings exist and flourish. There is a handful of reasons why the big bang happened that long ago. The reasons are as follows:

  • It happened billions of years ago, that is why humans have reached this place at this time.
  • If the big bang happened before or maybe after the actual time, things might have been different as the reaction of the explosion might have been different.

Thanks to the big bang, slowly and steadily, life found its way to thrive in the created environment. If the explosion did not happen, there would be no life forms like it exists today. There would have been only a dark and hollow space. The space had no starting and no ending and just no form of life in it.


It is not easy to grasp how the big bang happened. Although it happened in only seconds, the chain reactions that happened afterward are very complex. It was only in the past few centuries that humans began to get curious about space. Eventually, humans found out the starting of everything.

No one would ever know what would have happened otherwise, and it is an unimaginable scenario for even the brightest minds of the world.


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