How Long Is A Pencil (And Why)?

How Long Is A Pencil (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 19 centimeter

The versatile object is used for drawing and writing purposes. Pencils is used by people since their childhood. The length of the pencil would be around 19cm. There are many types of pencils available in the market with different designs and features. The pencil used for drawing would not be of the same length similar to writing pencils.

The designed and customized pencils are available in different sizes. The standard length of a pencil is around 19 cm, but this may not be applicable for different types of pencils.

How Long Is A Pencil

How Long Is A Pencil?

Different Types Of PencilHow Long Is A Pencil
Classic wooden pencil19 cm
Golf or library pencil9 cm

There is a variety of pencils found for different purposes. The factors that affect the length of the pencil are the following:

The purpose of the pencil

The designs of the pencil

The core of the pencil

The purpose for which someone is buying the pencil is important to change the length of the pencil. The length of a normal pencil would be different from the length of a metallic pencil. The pencil is used for creating some marks (symbols) with the help of physical abrasion. The core of the pencil plays a vital role in marking on the paper.

The core of the pencils is prepared using a clay binder with graphite. Nowadays, there are many types of cores are available for people. Traditionally, the core comes inside the pencil and the person has to cut the pencil to get the core. There are some types of pencils with charcoal cores and these are called drawing (and sketching) pencils.

These pencils would be of different lengths for some brands as compared to the lead pencils. Generally, the pencils for drawing purposes are shorter as compared to the lead pencils. The manufacturer of the pencil plays a vital role in making the pencil of a specific length. You will find many pencils with lengths more than 19 cm.

It depends on the manufacturer of the brands. Similarly, the manufacturer of the colour pencils would make them of different lengths and not like the lead pencils. Colour pencils are available both in long and short form. People prefer shorter colour pencils if it is used for drawing or colouring purpose.

Colour pencils are used by the teachers to mark (highlight) something on the paper. The colour pencils used by the professionals can be bigger as compared to the ones used by the artists.

Why Is A Pencil This Long?

The pencils types differ, so the sizes are. The pencils (of all types) are near the standard length (19cm) but not applicable for designer pencils. For example, the shape of pencils can increase or decrease the length of a pencil. Some pencils are quite thick while others are thin and long. The normal lead pencils are not similar to the mechanical pencils.
The mechanical pencil comes with an elaborated casing. The size of the mechanical pencil may be similar to the lead pencils, but the size of the core may vary for both. The core of the pencils may affect the size as well. Some pencils have long and thick cores while others have thin cores. The pencils with a long core may be considered longer than the pencil with a short core.

Nowadays, people will find many pencils with outside cores. These pencils are designer pencils with ready-to-use facilities. This pencil would have a shorter length as compared to the normal pencils. Graphite pencils are almost the same length as all the brands available in the market.

Some brands may have a little difference in the length according to the standard length of the pencil (19 cm).


The size of the pencils depends on the brand making them. There will be a slight difference in the same type of pencil but prepared by different brands. The size for the wooden classic pencil would be between 15 to 19 cm.


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