How Long Does Pressure Treated Wood Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Pressure Treated Wood Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Minimum Forty Years

When it comes to invention, humans will always find a way to make things better than before. Be it an invention into science or any other field. These inventions make things much more durable and better. There has been a lot of advancement in every space. 

The best part is the enormous machinery that can do about anything these days. Due to that, many new things got introduced, which is making human life better each day. One such invention is pressure-treated wood. This concept not only enhances the looks but also improves durability.

How Long Does Pressure Treated Wood Last

How Long Does Pressure Treated Wood Last?

Wood has been getting used to constructing houses since humans can remember. It was amongst the first few things that got used in any construction or to make durable items. Before plastics and cement got invented, wood and mud got used in making houses and even other utility items.

Wood is known to get used to making a variety of products like construction materials, tools, furniture, and even paper. Commonly two types of woods get used, softwood and hardwood. Based on the type, it then gets used as per the requirement.

Woods that are for construction is called lumber. Houses are made from timber as well. These days, the flooring mostly gets done of wood as it is less expensive and easy to maintain. However, with time, pressure-treated wood was invented. Pressure Treated Wood got developed in the year 1960s.

It makes the wood more durable as compared to untreated wood. Wood gets placed in a depressurized holding, then water and preservatives are added. Which essentially removes air from the hollow spaces and makes the wood much stronger. It is therefore called Pressure Treated Wood.

By doing that, the lumber becomes strong and very durable. The pressure-treated wood then gets used for various purposes.

Used ForDurability
Used for polesForty Years
Flooring and deckTen Years

Why Does Pressure Treated Wood Last That Long?

Wood on its own is a very durable item. However, depending on factors like climate, usage, and maintenance, the durability can get affected. For increasing durability, Pressure Treated Wood got invented, mainly when it gets used outdoors.

Even if the Pressure Treated Wood gets used, it is necessary to keep up with the maintenance to avoid damage. There are a lot of factors that will determine how long the Pressure Treated Wood will last, and they are as below:

  • One of the main reasons why Pressure Treated Wood lasts so long is the chemical preservatives used in the process. Different chemicals get used in treating wood based on the requirement.
  • The Pressure Treatment also depends on the use. What the wood will get used for is the main factor in deciding the pressure it will get treated with. The reason is the exposure. Not all Pressure Treated Wood will get exposed to similar situations. Some will get exposed to more rain or snow. While some might get used to indoors and have less exposure.
  • Another imminent factor is the type of wood that gets used in Pressure Treatment. The way the wood will absorb and hold the chemical during the process is different for different trees. Some types of trees will absorb the chemical better and hence will last longer. While some might not, and that will affect the durability in the long run.
  • The climate conditions will also play a huge role in determining how long the Pressure Treated Wood will last. Pressure Treated Wood is known to last longer in areas where there is high humidity.
  • How well the Pressure Treated Wood is maintained is very important in deciding the durability of the wood. If maintained nicely, it can help in elongating the duration of how long it will last.


Pressure Treatment adds more life to the usual wood and thus extending its lasting capacity. Since the Pressure-treated wood lasts longer, it is also comparatively more expensive than the normal wood.

It might be expensive when purchased but significantly cuts down on the wear and tear repair cost. Plus, as it will last for a very long time, there will be no need to replace it over a few years.


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