How Long Are Oranges Good For (And Why)?

How Long Are Oranges Good For (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 4 weeks

The shelf life of oranges would be around 4 weeks if stored correctly. The oranges would start losing their freshness if not stored at a cool temperature. The type of oranges would also affect the shelf life. It’s vital to practice safe storage techniques to increase the shelf life of oranges.

The packed oranges would last depending on the expiry date given in the packaging. The fruits such as oranges and lemons would not last for a long time. The person would be able to detect if the oranges are getting bad. The taste of the oranges would start getting different.

The structure of the oranges would start losing its shape with time.  Sometimes, the oranges would develop some spots if they are expired.

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How Long Are Oranges Good For?

Minimum time4 weeks
Maximum time5 weeks

The oranges are safe to consume after the expiry date. The oranges would last easily for around 3 to 4 weeks if kept in the fridge. Spoiled oranges can easily cause issues of foodborne illnesses. Once the oranges start getting bad, then the texture of the oranges would start changing.

The oranges would become very soft. The skin discoloration of oranges is a big sign that they are getting bad very soon. The bacteria in the environment is one of the reasons to spoil the fresh oranges. Therefore it’s always better to store the oranges in the drawer of the fridge.

The oranges should be kept in a closed and sealed container to prevent moisture contact. Moisture can cause faster spoiling of oranges. If someone stores the oranges properly, then they would stay nutritious for around weeks. Don’t store the orange by cutting it into slices.

After cutting into slices, the shelf life of oranges decreases. The coating of the oranges serves as a protective shield for the oranges.

In the market, the person could find both good and average quality oranges. It’s always better to choose high-quality oranges. As there are some citrus psorosis viruses that may have affected the growth of citrus trees. Everybody can make the juice of the oranges or have slices of it.

The freshness of the orange would get reduced if stored at a hot temperature. Oranges just like fruits can’t sustain heat. The hot temperature would start affecting the freshness and taste of the oranges. 

Why Are Oranges Good For This Long?

The oranges are fruits that can’t last for months together. People can store the orange juice for around 24 hours if stored in the fridge. The person should ensure the food containing oranges may not last for more than 48 to 72 hours.

Everyone can notice by the following sign if the oranges are gone bad:

The firmness of the oranges would have decreased.                                       

The orange should have already developed a white mold.

The outer coating would start developing patches. The patches may be both dark and light.

If someone wants to store sliced oranges, then add some sugar syrup to them. If someone stores the orange inside the freezer, then the shelf life can be above one or two months. Everybody can increase the shelf life of oranges by storing them in a can.

Take a can and add some normal water to it. Put the sealed can in the fridge to avoid spoilage of oranges. After the oranges are picked from the citrus tree, they can last around 2 weeks at normal room temperature.

Everyone should avoid sunlight as it would make the spoilage process extremely fast.


The shelf life of the oranges depends on where the person stores them. The benefits of oranges are most effective when the person consumes them within 2 weeks. Everyone should avoid eating spoiled oranges.

As the bacteria and germs in the oranges can cause many dangerous infections inside the human body. The person may get symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting after eating rotten oranges. Citrus fruits can cause sickness if not consumed fresh.


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