How Long Are TikTok Videos (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 180 seconds

TikTok is renowned for its video quality and features. This promising frontier video content marketing is also a good option for business growth. Formatting optically the TikTok videos are vital for making it more engaged. The person can upload the videos in the TikTok app.

The viewers can see your TikTok videos after the person uploads them. Therefore, it’s vital for the person to edit and format in the way the person wanted the viewers to see it. Everyone can upload the video recorded in the application or outside the app.

If the person uploads the video by recording it in the app, then the video length will be 15 seconds, 1 minute, or 3 minutes. The videos recorded outside the application or by using other video recording applications may get longer than 1 or 3 minutes.

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How Long Are Tiktok Videos?

TikTok VideosTime
Minimum time15 seconds
Maximum time3 minutes

Previously, the length of the Tiktok videos was around 15 or 60 seconds. Now, the length of the TikTok videos is extended to around 180 seconds. The size of the video for TikTok should not be more than 287.6 MB.

For IOS, the size of the video file should not be more than 287.6 MB, whereas for Android it would be around 72 MB. For keeping videos like ads, the file size would be around 500 MB. Both horizontal and vertical videos are allowed according to the TikTok format.

The vertical videos are best for getting viewed on smartphones. It’s not that horizontal videos are not allowed, but vertical would bring a better view. The dimensions of the TikTok videos should be exactly as per the formatting requirements.

The size file or dimensions more than the TikTok formats will not get uploaded in the application. The aspect ratio of the TikTok videos should be exactly 9:16, just like the aspect ratio of smartphones. If the aspect ratio is 1:1 that is also possible to get uploaded.

In the 1:1 aspect ratio, the video will not take the whole screen of the phone. The .mp4 or .mov files are mainly supported in the TikTok application. The file type for the video of the ads should be .gif or .avi files.

The only problem with Tiktok is the correct file formatting, or else the quality of the video would not be up to the mark.

Why Are TikTok Videos This Long?            

TikTok may not have a lot of variety for the effects. The users can use Boosted applications for recording the video. Then the users can upload the video in TikTok. The videos in Boosted will be extremely good for making some beautiful videos.

There is no such time length for making a video in boosted as you have in TikTok. Optimization of specifications in TikTok videos is essential before uploading the video. The editing of videos in TikTok is not up to mark.

Therefore, the users can use Boosted or any other apps for editing good-quality videos. The three minutes video recording option is also available for the users. The person would be able to choose either 60 seconds or 3 minutes video recording option.

The users who have early access to three minutes videos are only allowed for the feature. If somebody posted any type of sponsored content, then they will receive money for it. Partnership with different brands would be a good idea to make sponsor content.

All the followers, someone has in the TikTok account would be able to see the uploaded videos. The accounts with a huge number of followers and likes on videos will get paid. 


Tiktok is a great application for uploading some amazing and beautiful videos. There are many events arranged by TikTok for giving awards to all the popular TikTok stars. The pay structure of TikTok will be decided on the basis of views and likes received on the video.

Users with huge TikTok fan followings can get paid with a good amount of money. The users can adjust the video length by swiping the option on the screen.



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