How Long Are Snapchat Videos (And Why)?

How Long Are Snapchat Videos (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 60 seconds

The length of Snapchat videos would be around 60 seconds for one single time. People can always send many videos by using a multi snap recording. The multi snap recorded videos in Snapchat will get posted in 10 seconds chunks.

Most people consider Snapchat as a great photography app with amazing filters. Snapchat is equally good for making some filtered or unfiltered videos. The person can use Snapchat for making videos with the filters available for photos.

Everybody should press and hold the recording button for capturing the photos and recording videos. It’s a different concept that the videos will get capped in 10 seconds for posting, but the person can make long videos. The long videos on Snapchat will be of good quality.

The splitting of longer videos will be done when the person would post the 60-second video on Instagram or any other social media. Everyone can also adjust the time of the video by controlling the recording button.

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How Long Are Snapchat Videos?             

Snapchat VideosTime
Minimum time10 seconds
Maximum time60 seconds

The length of the Snapchat videos will not be more than one minute or 60 seconds. The person needs to set the video mode in the application. Then the person can start recording the video by long-pressing the video button. Let go of the recording button if you want to end the video.

After the video is recorded everyone can share it with the Snapchat friends in the application. Anybody who wants to post it on other social media can save the draft. The person after the video recording can add any filter according to the preference.
Everyone can have stickers present in the Snapchat application to make it more eye-catchy. There will be many customized stickers according to the day or mood of the person. For recording multiple videos, everyone should save then discard the previous video.
People can put the video as a story in the Snapchat application. The story will visible to all your friends on Snapchat. Everyone can replay the story, and you won’t receive any notification for that. A notification would be received by the person if anybody tries to take screenshots of their stories.

Why Are Snapchat Videos This Long?

The recording time of Snapchat is not more than 60 seconds. In simple words, the one-minute video will get split into 6 parts each of 10 seconds. The main reason is that in previous days, Snapchat was not capable of holding a video that is more than 10 seconds at one time.

Now, the introduction of multi snap video recording option enables the person to capture the long video. The person will be able to send the 60 seconds video in one go to the Snapchat friends. The Snapchat friends will receive the video in split form.

People can always edit the saved Snapchat video in a different app to add their favorite filter. If someone wants to keep a long video, then save it to the gallery. After the video is saved in the gallery, the person can trim the video according to the requirement.

The video can be uploaded in the same length if saved to the gallery. This will not allow the Snapchat users to send it in the form of a snap video in the application. The Snapchat users can send the video as normal videos in Snapchat.

Saving the videos to a gallery will slightly affect the quality of the recorded video.


There is no way to change the timing of Snapchat as it is set previously by Snapchat. The person can make no change to it but can edit with the filters. The creative filters would enhance the beauty of the video. Snapchat is mainly renowned as an instant multimedia application.

The feature of Snapchat is designed in a way to send photos, videos, and messages within seconds. Snapchat would be a great way to send messages within a few seconds to anyone who has a Snapchat account.


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