How Long Can IGTV Videos Be (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 60 minutes

Instagram is always a popular social media where people love to post their videos. The only drawback that Instagram has is the time limit. The videos on Instagram could not be more than 60 seconds. The IGTV comes as an exception for the users who want to upload long videos.

IGTV is a feature provided in Instagram where the users can upload videos of length 60 minutes. The users who use mobile applications may not upload the videos for more than 15 minutes. The users can upload a video of length 60 minutes by using the website directly.

The best part about the IGTV videos is that they will get posted permanently in the user’s account. IGTV videos are not like stories that are not posted in the account.

How Long Can IGTV Videos Be

How Long Can IGTV Videos Be?   

In hour1 hour
In minutes60 minutes

There will be some formatting and other requirement mentioned in the Instagram help center. If the video of the users fulfills all the required conditions, then only the person is allowed to post the video. The procedure for uploading the videos in IGTV using both mobile and computer would be different.

Everyone can first see 15 seconds preview of the videos without opening the IGTV. The IGTV comes as a savior for all the influencer and brand promoters who wants to upload long videos for showing more detailed information about the products. The IGT videos length is fixed and will not go beyond 60 minutes.

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The whole video of the user will not be visible in the Instagram post as the follower would be able to see only 15 minutes of the preview part. Then the users can click on the video to go to the IGTV to view the full video. People who are willing to upload a series of posts can find the IGTV extremely beneficial.

Everyone can take IGTV as YouTube for Instagram users. It’s true that IGTV is great for engaging users and their followers. The formatting of the IGTV videos is important. According to guidelines, the IGTV videos should be in MP4 format or else they won’t be supported on Instagram.

For the videos, less than 10 minutes should not exceed 650 MB for getting uploaded on Instagram. The videos which are less than hours but more than 10 minutes should not be more than 3.6 GB. 

Why Can IGTV Video Be This Long?

The length of the IGTV video guideline is under the founder and controller of Instagram. The main purpose behind introducing the IGTV feature was to make the people explore longer videos with a wide range of creativity. Another reason to introduce IGTV in Instagram is to make Instagram a good alternative for the mobile version of YouTube.

IGTV is extremely flexible for video creation. The users will be able to sight the audience’s challenges. The users will be able to know what type of videos the audience wants. IGTV is a great way to update people about growing fashion and educate people about the interest area of growing generations.

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There is no point in using IGTV of making short videos as they won’t be so formatting. The videos in IGTV should give some educational information to the people as they can be very long. IGTV is a good platform to increase the followers of the user. As a wide range of audience will be able to see the videos posted in your accounts.

The viewers can also share the video of IGTV with their friends and this will increase the popularity of the user.


The video length of the IGTV should be between 15 to 60 minutes. The users using the IGTV must be aware of all the conditions and restrictions for uploading the video. IGTV is not introduced for making stories as they are extremely short. If people use the IGTV correctly, then they can be extremely benefited by it.

The IGTV is a good platform for making good quality videos for the viewers.



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