How Long Between Coats Of Paint (And Why)?

How Long Between Coats Of Paint (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 To 4 Hours

If you are someone who is planning to get your paint something or get anything painted by a professional painter then the paint contractors will majorly charge you upon the time it will take you to paint the room. Thus, it gets really important to know how long it will take to get your room painted so that you are charged the most reasonable amount by the paint contractors. However, the major factor that determines how long it will take to paint depends upon if there are coats of paint needed. If needed, then how long will it take between coats of paint.

How Long Between Coats Of Paint

How Long Between Coats Of Paint?

The time it might take between coats of paint majorly depends on a factor, that is, the object to be painted. Painting can be done for many purposes, it can be done for commercial purposes like painting a wall, house, building, or any other such thing. Whereas, painting can also be done for artistic purposes, like painting on a canvas, sheets, or other such art materials. Based on this factor, the time duration between coats of paint differs and thus it gets really important to know the purpose of painting or the object to be painted before knowing how long it will take between coats of paint.

On average, it takes around two to four hours between coats of paint when it is done for commercial purposes. Whereas taking a rough estimation for the time it will take between coats of paint when the painting is done for artistic purposes, then it can range between 15 to 25 minutes. However, it also depends on the type of canvas, page, or other such materials.

Here is a quick summary of how long it will take between coats of paint depending upon the purpose of painting or the object to be painted:

Purpose Of PaintTime Between Coats Of Paint
Commercial purpose2 to 4 hours
Artistic purpose15 to 25 minutes

Why Does It Take That Long Between Coats Of Paint?

Among many steps of painting, coating the object with double, triple, or multiple layers of coats is a step that might or might not be important to be done. The first coat of paint is known as the primary coat that is the fundamental paint coat to be done. However, depending upon the depth and color of the paint, it might be important for the painter to paint another second or third coat to be performed as well on the object. If the concerned person wants the color of the object to be darker, then more and more coats can be done according to the preferences of that person. This process can take about a minimum of 2 or 4 hours to a maximum of 2 complete days to coat the object depending upon the number of coats to be performed.

Coating an object with layers of paint is done to increase the density of the paint and make it look darker in shade. However, it is important to know that one cannot just go on with the second or third or multiple layers of paint without giving the first or pre layer of paint some time. It is extremely important to have particular intervals of time between coats of paint.

The reason behind that is to just simply let the first layer or the pre-layer settle down and dry. When the layer of paint dries, then only the painter can go with the second or the next layer of paint. If not done so, then it will probably result in the mixing of layers of paint resulting in the unevenness of paint all around the object. This will make the object look odd and the paint would seem darker at some places and lighter in other places.


Almost all the painters and the paint contractors charge you money for painting a wall, or a room, or a house, or a building, or anything based upon many factors. The factors can be the size of the object to be painted, time of labor, amount of labor used, the material used, and majorly, the number of coats of paint to be done.


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