How Long Is A Masters Degree (And Why)?

How Long Is A Masters Degree (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Years

A career is the most important of all the things one should keep an eye on and pursue with the utmost perseverance. Even without education, there is a great life for everyone out there. Some people who have never gone to college or any kind of school have flourished in their life, and yet, education is certainly important. Every course out there gives the people studying them something, and some even pave the future of its pursuers. The courses can differ based on the subject taught, the duration of the course, where it is taught, and much more.

Usually, the course on chooses is based on what they want to choose as a career, and so for some careers, even finishing high school is enough. Usually, the path to complete a fully certified course is as by first starting school, getting into middle school, high school, graduating, entering into a college, completing an undergraduate degree or course. While some just stop after the undergraduate course, some work further and start their master’s degree. Normally, the time taken to complete a master’s degree is certainly shorter than the time taken to complete the undergraduate courses.

It takes about eighteen months to whole two years to complete a master’s degree. The length can sometimes differ based on the master’s course, and yet there are also several factors determining the duration of the master’s degree. Not all master’s degrees take the same time to complete. There are some options and programs that will help people complete both undergraduate and master’s degrees in a much lesser time.

How Long Is A Masters Degree

How Long Is A Masters Degree?

Master’s degree2 years
Accelerated Master’s program4 to 5 years
Dual-degree program4 to 5 years

After graduating from college, everybody’s first thing in their mind will be what to pursue further in their life. Nobody has a clear idea about what to do further, whether to apply for a job or choose higher studies. Though some choose to apply for jobs directly after completing their undergraduate degree, it is better to have extra qualifications, since it will help a lot in increasing their chance of getting the job. That’s why many pursue higher studies. After graduating, over 60% of the graduate population apply for higher studies, either within their country or abroad.

When one pursues a master’s degree in their domain, it will help them gain more knowledge and excel in a certain branch. Some people choose one year master’s program, though they offer the same core content as the long ones and yet, the curriculum can be more intense. There are other options like accelerated programs and dual degree programs. Yet, almost most of the people who want to continue their master’s degree, choose the two years course, some without the knowledge of the other options, and come willingly.

Why Is A Masters Degree That Long?

When one wants to get into the world of jobs quickly, they can choose the one year master’s course, but if one wants a relaxed schedule that suits their other career requirements like pursuing internships and research programs, they better choose the regular 2-year master program course, as they offer more time to complete the curriculum. The benefits of choosing a one-year master’s program include a shorter and intensive curriculum, and they are also much affordable than the two-year master’s program.

It will also help one in not spending too much time away from the field of careers, and it is also a great choice for people who already have work experience of a few years. On the other side, the journey of a two years master’s journey is an enriching one and it also has its benefits.


The benefits include specializing more in a certain area of academics, and there is certainly more scope for academic careers. There is also the advantage of a deeper theoretical approach and the ones who pursue 2 years master’s programs have more time to decide their path of career, while they explore more options every day.

There are some other options for a master’s degree, like choosing a three years master’s degree, an accelerated master’s program, and a dual degree program. The duration of the accelerated master’s program, as well as the dual’s program, is about 4 to 5 years.


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