How Long Does An Accident Stay On Your Insurance (And Why)?

How Long Does An Accident Stay On Your Insurance (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 5 years

The accidents would not affect the insurance premium for the whole life. People may see an accident stay on their insurance premium for 3 to 5 years, depending on various conditions. After 3 to 5 years, the insurance company would update your insurance by removing the older accidents or any type of violations.

The accidents such as car accidents would affect the insurance premium to some extent. The premium would decrease if the person has not caused the accident. If someone caused the accident, then the premium would increase in a huge manner.

Some states, such as California have no rules or regulations for increasing the insurance premium for all the drivers that are not involved in the accidents.

How Long Does An Accident Stay On Your Insurance

How Long Does An Accident Stay On Your Insurance?

Accidents Stay On Your InsuranceTime
In years5 years
In months60 months

The accidents would stay on your insurance for a very limited time period. The accidents would get moved or updated from your insurance even if you have done it. The laws of the state and the rules of the insurance company would affect how long people can see the accident to stay on the insurance.

Some insurance companies may update the accident after 3 years while others would keep it for 5 years. The premiums would not get down or stay at lower rates if the accidents are not updated or removed by the insurance company. The intensity of the accidents would also affect the length of time the accidents can stay on your insurance.

The minor accidents may go in just 3 years, but the major accidents would stay for a long time. Accidents that happen by driving under the influence would stay for a very long time as compared to normal accidents. If someone commits a single accident, then it would go before 3 years.

Multiple accidents by a single driver in a very short time would stay for more than 4 years or as decided by the rules of the insurance company. The accidents would increase the amount someone pays for their insurance, but it would get affected by the severity and type of accidents.

People that have comprehensive coverage would see the average increase rate would be 3 percent if they damage their own vehicles.

Why Does An Accident Stay On Your Insurance For This Long?

The decision for the insurance is mostly taken under the state laws. After a car accident, the insurance companies see the situation with very high risk. Therefore, the insurance company increases the insurance premium and keeps the accident on the insurance for a few years.

The accidents would prevent the eligibility of a person for certain discounts. The cost of the premiums would be calculated by the insurance companies after considering your accident records. People should be careful while driving as severe accidents can be a huge loss for them.

There will be some companies that would not consider minor accidents. These companies would not increase the premiums for the driver who has minor accidents. Some companies would have a very strict rule about accidents and would impose high rates of premium on the person.

Everyone should consult a legal professional to learn about any option that can help in balancing the auto insurance budget for the person. If the company found that the accident could have been avoided by the driver, then the company may not accept the claim of the person for car insurance.

Any accident that is beyond the terms and conditions of the policy of the company would get rejected or denied by the insurance company. The insurance company would reject the claim of a person if the driver involved in an accident would not have a license.

Drivers with fake or different category licenses may see the insurance company rejecting or denying the claim.


The accident would create a negative impression of the person on the insurance company. The rate of premium to be increased after an accident would vary from state to state. People can check the state or insurance companies’ laws to know the rate of premiums to be imposed after the accident.

The type and severity of accidents would create an impact on how long the accident would stay on the insurance of a person. Driving safely and with a license is vital for avoiding the repercussions of an accident.


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