How Long Can A Cat Go Without Peeing (And Why)?

How Long Can A Cat Go Without Peeing (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 48 To 72 Hours

There are hundreds of wild and domestic animals in this world, but only a few of them are known in every corner of the world. One such animal, in which some species are wild and some are domestic, is the cat. There are more than billions of cats in the world and they are carnivorous. Cats were first found in Near East in 7500 BC, and they are found in the myths of Ancient Egypt.

According to a survey conducted, as of 2021, there are more than 220 million pet cats and over 480 million stray cats. Cats are considered to be one of the most loved and adored pet animals in the world, and some people even adopt more than 10 cats and build a cat household. Cats become a part of the household and it is the second popular pet in the USA as of now.

When someone adopts a cat, they should certainly know how to take care of it. A cat owner should know how to take care of the cat both physically and mentally.

How Long Can A Cat Go Without Peeing

How Long Can A Cat Go Without Peeing?

All about cat’s urinationTime
The cats will die if they hold their urine for more than72 hours
Minimum duration a cat can go without urinating24 hours
Maximum duration a cat can go without urinating48 hours

Cats are biologically called Felis Catus, and they are a domestic species, unlike leopards, cheetahs, and tigers. They are the only domesticated species in the family of Felidae and they are very regularly called domestic cats, to differentiate from the other genes of wild cats. Cats can also be differentiated into house cats, farm cats, and feral cats. Feral cats are stray cats that don’t like to be petted by humans and avoid them as much they can and they roam very freely.

There are more than 60 recognized cat breeds and the common reason why they are adopted as pets is that they are good company and they can kill rodents, which can be a nuisance.

Cats have very quick reflexes, very sharp teeth, flexible bodies, and retractable teeth, which are very suitable for hunting swiftly. They are predators active at dawn and dusk, but they hunt alone. Another great fact about cats is that they have great ears, which can hear frequencies much higher and lower than humans can.

Why Does A Cat Go Without Peeing For That Long?

Bladders also play a very important part in the internal health of both humans and animals, and just like every other living organism alive in the world, cats also need to urinate to maintain a healthy body. Humans can go for a while without peeing, almost a day, but cats, on the other hand, can go for about 2 days i.e. 48 hours without peeing.

Although, if a cat doesn’t pee after the 72nd hour i.e. 3 days, it will die. To live long and maintain its health, a healthy adult cat should pee at least twice a day. A cat can go without peeing for a day without any trouble, but after the second day, they cannot and if they do, the consequences can be troublesome.

Although, after the 3rd day, the cat will die of urinary tract block. Holding their urine overnight is not an issue for cats, and there is the fact that their body can hold urine longer than the human body does, even though their body, as well as bladder, is smaller than that of a human’s.


The waste will be filtered by the nephrons in the excretory system and nephrons are the main unit in kidneys, just like it is for humans. After filtering the waste, it will be sent to the ureter, which goes into the bladder. The bladder will be connected to the genital openings, which is called the urethra, and for a cat to urinate properly, there should be no blockage.

According to the vets, urinary tract blockage happens in males more than in females and that is because toms have a smaller opening to pass urine. Thick mucus-like substances or crystal-like minerals can block the urethra.


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