How Long Can A Doctor Wait To Bill You (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 To 2 Months

There are many vital things a person should know, like driving, insurance policies, paying bills and rent, and banking. Since the development of technology, many things have become very easy to do. In the early days, people used to run around doing errands and chores, but now, everything is done very easily using technology and of course, The Internet. One thing that can be done very easily nowadays, is paying all sorts of bills. In a person’s day-to-day life, there are many bills a person comes across, like grocery bills, internet bills, water and electricity bills, and much more.

The billing type, billing amount, and the reason for the bill all differ based on the countries and states. When these bills are not paid, there can be consequences. In some cases, the bills will be issued immediately but in some fields, they wait for a while before issuing the bills. One such bill is the medical bill. In some developing countries like India, the bill will be given right away after consultation, but in other developed countries like the UK and USA, the bill will be taken care of by the insurance company.

There are many ways to contest a medical bill, and there are certain things that must be checked before blindly paying a medical bill. Just like every other bill, never pay a medical bill before looking into certain things.

How Long Can A Doctor Wait To Bill You

How Long Can A Doctor Wait To Bill You?

Duration a doctor waits to bill the patients Time
Minimum duration1 to 2 months
Average duration3 to 6 months
Maximum duration12 months

Medical bills are a part of everybody’s life and nobody can escape them, at any point, because just like every other living organism, humans too fall ill and need help and medications. After visiting the doctor, the bill will be updated to either the patient’s account or the insurance. Sometimes, the bill will be handed directly to the patient and they will have to pay it right then and there.

There is a certain duration for which a doctor can wait before billing you. The minimum duration a doctor normally before billing a patient is about 1 to 2 months, and the average duration they wait is about 3 to 6 months. The maximum duration a doctor waits is about 1 year, and after that, some actions will be taken. Before paying a medical bill, one should check the credentials, and check the bill thoroughly for any errors or extra charges.

After going to a hospital and getting a consultation, always get the final bill as an itemized copy. The doctor can send a bill with a very large sum, which sometimes can be fake and so always ask for an itemized copy.

Why Does A Doctor Wait That Long To Bill You?

When the given bill is itemized, one can find out what the charges are for and what exactly they will be paying for. Always go through the bill thoroughly and look for any type of coding error. Always compare the bill with the health insurance plan and what the insurance company provides.

Better wait for the Explanation of Benefits report from the insurance which will explain what the insurance company covered in the specific bill on the specific date, the reason for the visit, and even time.

Consult your medical provider about the bill and review the charges with them and fix the mistakes if any are found. Even the doctors will provide the patient insights about what will be covered by the insurance company.


Talk to the insurance company, review the plans and if a person is sure their insurance company will cover their bills, they can file an appeal. This will be done quickly within about 1 to 2 months, and that’s why doctors normally wait for at least a month or two to bill the person.

Always include the medical reports, records, and the doctor’s point of view on why the insurer is denying the coverage and any other necessary information.

The doctor will wait from a month to a year, depending on the patient and the bills, to bill the patient. Hence, check the patient’s information, compare the bill to the EOB, get an itemized statement, and check the codes properly.


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