How Long To Wait After Spraying Ozium (And Why)?

How Long To Wait After Spraying Ozium (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10-20 Minutes

Ozium falls under the category of air sanitizers. An air sanitizer is a type of sanitizer that acts on various airborne microorganisms or microbiological organisms. It works as a disinfectant that helps disinfect or sanitize different bacteria, viruses, or fungi. Ozium is used in all parts of the world.

The sanitizer helps reduce the development or mitigating the growth of the microbiological organisms on various inanimate surfaces at different places such as households, commercial sites, institutional areas, and a few others. Different types of sanitizers are available in the market for various hygiene purposes. Sanitizers help in keeping us protected from any infections.

How Long To Wait After Spraying Ozium

How Long To Wait After Spraying Ozium?

Air sanitizers like Ozium can trap different particles and protect us from getting infected because of them. Ozium is an aerosol and is evident in appearance. The sanitizer is available in various fragrances, and it is an individual’s own choice on which type of fragrance they want. It is advised not to spray the sanitizer on the skin as it will cause irritation and might lead to itching and a few other skin issues. It must be made sure to stay away for some time from the place where Ozium is sprayed.

Ozium is kept in a cold and dry place. The sanitizer bottle must be kept away from fire as sanitizers are highly reactive and will explode as soon as they get heated. It is also recommended not to pressurize the can as it can also result in an accident and cause severe injuries. The buyer must read all the safety instructions already mentioned in the box of the bottle.

Place Where Ozium Is SprayedTime To Wait After Using The Sanitizer
Small places like carsAt least twenty minutes
Rooms or cabinsAt least ten minutes

It is advised to stay out of the place where Ozium is sprayed as direct exposure to the components of the sanitizer might cause breathing problems and may also lead to organ failures and suffocation. In small places such as cars or closets, a person must wait at least twenty minutes to get into it as the concentration becomes dense in small volumes. In more significant places, such as rooms or cabins, take at least ten minutes before re-entering that place. It is crucial to wait to keep yourself safe.

Why Wait That Long After Spraying Ozium?

Ozium is comprised of various components. It contains approximately four percent Propylene Glycol and five percent of Triethylene Glycol. The remaining ninety-one percent of the sanitizer consists of Isopropyl Alcohol, Propellant, Water, and fragrance. It is advised not to spray the sanitizer on the eyes. However, if such an accident happens by mistake, the eyes must be washed immediately in water for at least ten minutes. If the irritation persists, then an eye specialist must be consulted as soon as possible.

It is advised to wait for that long after spraying Ozium because direct inhalation of the sanitizer might result in dizziness or drowsiness. It might cause severe complications in the lungs, and the person might not breathe properly for a few days. In rare cases, too much exposure to the sanitizer has also resulted in death. Before spraying the sanitizer, all the ignition material must be displaced from the surroundings or result in an explosion.

The sanitizer doesn’t purify the entire volume of air present in the air at once. It first filters some fraction of the total volume and then refines the whole area in the same way. The components of the sanitizer are acutely toxic if they are sprayed directly in the mouth. It is recommended to keep the spray out of the reach of small kids as they might use it by accident.


Overall, it can be concluded that Ozium is an air sanitizer, and it serves the purpose of purifying the air of the surrounding where it is sprayed. The spray can be used in any place, be it personal or professional. The sanitizer is a top-rated product and is trendy worldwide.

On average, it is advised to wait for at least ten to twenty minutes after using the spray. Direct exposure to the sanitizer can be harmful and can lead to breathing troubles. It must be ensured that Ozium is stored in a cool and dry place and away from any igniting material as it can cause an explosion.


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