How Long To Get RN After LPN (And Why)?

How Long To Get RN After LPN (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three Years

LPN is a term used to refer to licensed practical nurses in parts of Canada and the United States. Their main job is to take care of all the patients and make sure that they get their medicines and injection shots at the right time. They also need to inform the doctor if the condition of a patient worsens.

Whereas RN is a more valued term, it is used for registered nurses registered by the government itself, and they have graduated with a medical degree from a nursing home. These nurses have all the knowledge of drugs and medicines, and they are enough to operate on a patient if the doctor is not there.

How Long To Get RN After LPN

How Long To Get RN After LPN?

LPNs are more of nurses who are under training and don’t have a deep knowledge of the medications and conditions of the patient. They are regularly guided by the doctor and are told to monitor the patient and are instructed to make sure that the patient takes all the medicines at the right time. If the patient feels uncomfortable, then the medical expert should be called immediately. These nurses are paid for their training, but their fees are lower than the registered nurses. It takes years of practice and knowledge to become a registered nurse.

In contrast, registered nurses are the ones who are employed in various medical fields. They remain with the doctor all the time and study the medical condition of the patient. In short, they are the ones who give all the information of the patient to the doctor and also advises the doctor what can be done. Their payment is higher than that of the licensed practical nurses. Not only this, registered nurses are the ones who are assigned the task of giving vaccines when vaccine drives are conducted. They are also responsible for training licensed practical nurses.

licensed practical nurses
Type Of NurseTime Taken
LPNAfter graduation with a medical degree
RNAt least three years of LPN experience

A medical student can become LPN after graduating with a medical degree. They can apply to a medical firm, and after checking the basic knowledge, the post of LPN is offered. In contrast, to become RN, a nurse must have three years of experience as an LPN and then apply for becoming a registered nurse.

Why Does It Take That Long After LPN To Get RN?

Being a nurse is a responsible job as it is concerned with the safety of a patient. As a result, it is not easy to assign the duty of a nurse to any individual. Before applying for a licensed practical nurse, a medical degree is a must as it will help the nurses gain basic knowledge of tools and medicines that will be used while taking care of a patient. If a doctor asks for a tool in between a surgery, the nurse must know and identify which tool is needed.

Registered nurses know all the treatment procedures and are pretty experienced. They know how to give injections, make an incision at the surgical area, and give anesthesia to a patient. A doctor can completely trust the registered nurses as they do everything together from time to time. Registered nurses need to give an exam after applying for the post, and if they pass, they become eligible for working as registered nurses.

licensed practical nurses

It takes that long to get RN after LPN because experience plays a significant role when a patient’s life is in the hands of a doctor. If the nurse is not experienced, it can delay the operation, and the patient can die. It is crucial to give registration to only those who are entirely knowledgeable and know and everything deeply. In this way, they can serve the doctor better.


Finally, it can be concluded that a nurse’s job is to make sure that the patient is in a good medical condition and no issues take place. Their job is to give medicines to the patient at the right time and make sure that they get the proper amount of rest.

On average, an LPN must have three years of experience to apply for an RN. After the application, an exam is conducted to test the nurse’s knowledge, and if they pass in it, they become registered nurses. The fees of registered nurses are higher than the licensed practical nurses. An ill patient might be hanging between life and death, and it is crucial to take proper care of them.


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    This is a very informative article. I had no idea about the difference in responsibilities between LPN and RN.

  2. It seems unfair to assume that LPNs don’t have deep knowledge of medications and patient conditions. They undergo extensive training too.

  3. I don’t think it’s fair that LPNs are paid less than RNs. They both have important responsibilities.

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