How Long To Wait To Start PCT After Test E (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After One Week

PCT is the short form of the medical term Post Cycle Therapy. Once a cycle of performance-enhancing drugs is completed, PCT has to be done to recuperate the hormone levels of users. It is also a cycle of specific drugs or supplements recommended to take for at least four to six weeks.



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The primary work of PCT is to avoid estrogenic effects and reduce them to a particular level, lessen all types of side effects, reinstate and raise the testosterone levels, and enlarge the gains during the cycle. Therefore, even though it is entirely safe, you may experience expertise weakness and fatigue, which is utterly ordinary. 

How Long To Wait To Start PCT After Test E

How Long To Wait To Start PCT After Test E?

PCT is the best therapy to recover quicker with effective results and will make you prepare for the forthcoming cycle instantly. Generally, individuals use various types of medication like SARMS, prohormones, and anabolic steroids to assist them and improve their performance. Commencement of PCT usually depends on the type of Performance Enhancing Drugs or PED you have been using before. If Post Cycle Therapy was just right and applicable, few people expect overwhelming results like maintenance of weight and strength gain after PCT, but it doesn’t work in this manner.

Duration of Post Therapy Cycle varies for each person as it typically relies on several factors like dosages, compounds, and even genetics. But on average, to get better results, four to six weeks is recommended. Typically, a PCT plan always gives better results and retains some of your gains, but there is a chance of losing weight and strength if the high hormone influx is no more than in the cycle. Initially, it will be a bit difficult to attain because of testosterone levels. But the best way to maintain the gain is to concentrate on the diet.

Type of DrugTime To Start PCT
Drugs like AASAfter one week
Drugs like SARMAfter four days

If a person uses drugs like AAS, it is advised to start PCT after one week. However, some drugs like SARM work at a faster rate but are costlier. In such cases, it is advised to wait for four days.

Why Does It Take That Long After Test E To Start PCT?

If you have followed almost all prohormones, most of the SARMS, and all steroid cycles, PCT is a necessary therapy to be done. But, it should be scheduled only after a particular period because your body needs at least a tiny amount of time to normalize after a cycle. The amount of time probably differs for the type of compounds because it takes longer for each drug to leave the system. PCT is often terribly challenging. In cases like when an individual completes a cycle, undergoes a PCT, then jumps back to the cycle simply then or directly after the PCT. This is a husky and dreadful follow for our bodies.

Strenuous physical activities ought to be avoided during this treatment because the body needs the desired time to recover, recapture all the hormones, and restore itself to the state wherever it was absolutely before new artificial hormones were introduced. Whereas it’s graspable that you need to maintain the muscle bulk from the steroid cycle, PCT ought to embody a small amendment in your routine.

Once you fail to complete your PCT, side effects such as estrogen level rise more than normal, and testosterone levels rise at a prolonged rate. So, if you plan for a new cycle after PCT and the past cycle ran for five weeks, and PCT lasted for six weeks, you must wait for at least eleven weeks to start a new one. 


Overall, it can be concluded that it is advised to use PCT instantly after the end of the cycle because if you didn’t undergo PCT, it might take longer to get back your hormone level to normal. There will be many notable side effects like mood swings, low libido, muscle mass, and fatigue during restoring hormones.

On average, one week gap should be maintained between test E and starting PCT. Rarely, few people even tend to lose the majority of progress they have attained from the cycle and may be tempted to feel discomfort and pain. But, these are temporary effects that gradually get better when the hormone level turns to normal.


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