How Long Can A Person Be Sad (And Why)?

How Long Can A Person Be Sad (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Around 2 Weeks

Feeling uneasy, restless, down, disappointed, etc. are involved in the emotion of being sad. Sadness is the sentiment of the body whenever a person feels unhappy. It can be due to many reasons like losing someone close, not getting something according to the desire, inferiority, biasness, isolation, etc.

The agony of such sentiment resist a person to reap the joy of any moment. Though it cut downs the blissfulness and acknowledged as a pessimistic behaviour yet it is vital. Accepting the circumstances and grieving over it has nothing to sense awful.

How Long Can A Person Be Sad

How Long Can A Person Be Sad?

The grief causing a human to get saddened stays for a minimum of two hours to two weeks. It vary from person to person how deeply they feel about the situation and how genuinely want to come out with a solution. If it sticks for than two weeks, consulting to a doctor is the best advice.

Time PeriodSadness Or Depression
Less than two weeksSadness
More than two weeksDepression

From Few Hours To Two Weeks

Whenever a human mind collides with discouragement, rejection, anguish, the brain responds to it with a sentimental feeling. Sadness triggers majorly due to lose of dearest ones. It lowers the energy of the body. Sometimes it also leads to loss of appetite.

Sadness doesn’t lasts for a very long period of time. With few hours of regretting and repenting, things sort their way. It vanishes as soon as the rainbow of joy shines.

More Than Two Weeks

If the affect dues for a longer period of time, its depression. Depression is the health disorder ultimately leading to lose interest into activities once found pleasurable. In such kind of condition losing interest in socializing, feeling lonely, lack of sleep or oversleeping, suicidal thoughts or attempts, are some common symptoms. It affects the brain on regular basis. Even if a person enjoys an event , depression will overpower the delightfulness leaving a thought of wrongdoing in the mind. It decreases the skills to participate effectively in the world.

Why Does Sadness Stay For This Long?

Things take time to get better and best. “Time changes everything” is an old saying. A little disgrace or terrible experience fades with time, so does the sadness. As soon as one get the reason to showcase its grin , sadness went off. A human body has the right to exhibit every thing it is going through by any biological or physical process. When the mind is happy, it displays it with joyous signs of loving everything and everyone. It finds interest in almost all kind of activities.

On the other hand when it is sad, it becomes low and down. Less interest or uninterestingly working makes the situation more frustrated and toxic. But it is found important to let the emotions flow. More releasing of the emotion involves a healing procedure towards healthy growing mind. So if a person is expressing their agony, it is nothing to mock at. Try to help them with a solution and some sort of motivation. It provides them a wave of hopefulness.

At last, if the sadness continues for a very long time over any tragic accident or incident, it is a matter of serious concern. As it a genuine matter it could take time to recover. Depending on the seriousness, recovery could take few months to years. Without proper treatment the condition could switch to worse. There is nothing bad in consulting to a doctor for mental health. Treatment enables faster recovery in just few weeks or a month.


A human mood consist of numerous emotions depending on different scenarios of life. Sadness is one of them. Grieving for few hours or week over some disappointed incident makes you feel much better. It overpowers with more strength and courage. Therefore, rejuvenates human brain leading to enthusiastic functioning. Person begins to develop likeability among several acts.

Life is full of surprises. One can never estimate its new flip as happy and sad are the two sides of a coin. Whether life offers you happiness or sadness, your passion should never die. A passionate soul could do thousands of magic to seek its wonderous outcome.

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