How Long Can A Person Hold Their Arms Up (And Why)?

Exact Time: Up to 3 minutes

Raising arms up is an exercise which many people do in their leisure time. It is done as per exercise norms. Researchers told that when you keep your hands at the height of your shoulders, the consumption of air is at a very high level. This is a benefit that only is there if anyone does this only for two minutes.

After the raising of your hands, you have to give them rest. So, that they can gain more strength and work strongly. It helps in the building of muscles. Raising hands comes under the isometric exercises. They increase the stabilization of the body parts. It decreases the blood pressure level too.

How Long Can A Person Hold Their Arms Up

How Long Can A Person Hold Their Arms Up?

Basically, it depends on how much time you can increase the time of lifting your hands that is how much you can progress in holding up your hands. Habits can be made easily by working out and taking some time from your hectic schedule so you can increase the time of lifting your hands. Some people can do hold their arms up for 2 minutes and some do it for 3 minutes above their head.

Also, one important point is that how much caliber you are having to raise your arms. The world record is also being made in it too which is of approximately 9 minutes. So maximum time is up to 9 minutes. It totally depends upon your strength and bearing capacity. After many moments, the arm will feel tired for much of the time. But, in India, one saint is being found who told that he has raised one of his arms for very long years of 38 years.

If someone wants to hold their arms up then it is guided to hold it for 10 seconds and 20 to 30 seconds for novice and intermediate people respectively. Even doctors tell that you should raise your hands more often.

In free condition3 minutes
In stressful condition1 minutes

Why Does It Take So Long For A Person To Hold Their Arms Up?

Since if you raise your hand for a long time then blood gets loosened in your hands so you can’t stand that and so it results in lowering your hand. Also as blood loosen when you have raised your hand for a long time so you can suffer the pain in your hands. As blood supply stop there as it is against the gravity so it doesn’t flow hence your hands can’t command your brain to raise it for a long time.

If you are raising your hands, so you see you are using the muscle of your arms. And we know if proper functioning of muscles is required then there should be a continuous supply of oxygen for replenishing the metabolism activities. So, blood in the heart needs to be pumped harder when you raise your hand. So depending upon the size of the arteries and physical well-being, demands may vary on the muscles and hence can cause cramping. The formation of lactic acid has occurred till now and it has not been cleared till now and so muscles are in great need of oxygen for removing it.

If the arm held up for more time then it will directly affect the neck bone and muscles too. So, the more you held your arms up, the more is the chance of straining. As such no proof is there that if you raise your arms it will affect the heart. Sometimes even the incorrect position of holding hands affects the duration of holding one’s hand.


This exercise helps you in making your posture erect. If working a lot in the day while sitting your muscles gets stiffed and had pain on your backside then raising arms for some time and then putting them down and so repeating it helps in regulating the blood flow and so releases force present in your neck or backside.

It also strengthens the weak shoulder and arms. Reduces the back pain if you are suffering from it. Helps in treating the stomach by lifting the arms as it decreases the time taken by food to enter the large intestine. It also reduces tiredness. It improves the balance of the body.



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