How Long Can Scabies Live In A Mattress (And Why)?

How Long Can Scabies Live In A Mattress (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 3 Days

Sarcoptes scabiei bring out a skin condition recognized as Scabies. There are many unpleasant symptoms that can be noticed in people with scabies. Some of the most seen symptoms of scabies are pimple-like skin rashes and itching. Skin areas affected with scabies will also get thicker with time. No doubt! scabies will happen due to direct skin contact with someone else affected with scabies. Contaminated objects such as mattresses and furniture are also some of the probable sources to spread scabies to people. Generally, the scabies mites are not visible to the eye, therefore you may not see them easily on your mattress. Give this article read to know how long can scabies live in a mattress and why?

How Long Can Scabies Live In A Mattress

How Long Can Scabies Live In A Mattress

Furniture2 to 3 days
On the human body (skin)2 months
Mattresses2 to 3 days

Scabies may live from 2 to 3 days in your mattress. This means scabies can survive on any furniture or mattress for a maximum of 3 days long. You can remove scabies from the mattress, but you must learn the exact process to remove scabies. It will be different for mattresses and for surfaces. For mattresses, you can use the following methods:

Vacuuming- Vacuum your mattress to clean it and remove scabies. While cleaning your mattress with a vacuum, make sure you clean the sides and seams. After vacuuming your mattress, just throw the vacuum bag in your garbage bin. Throwing the bad in the garbage would prevent further survival of scabies in your mattresses or surfaces.

Steam Cleaning- Another great way to get rid of scabies in your mattress. The steam killer is the best way to kill scabies with heat.

Permethrin Spray- This spray is a magic thing for disinfecting surfaces and mattresses if you can’t wash them. Permethrin spray is very useful for keeping your home free from scabies. This insecticide will be very effective in cleaning and removing scabies from your home. Before trying out its insecticide spray, be sure about doing it correctly. Following instructions correctly for using this spray is vital.

Plastic Cover- Plastic cover would give protection to your skin from coming in contact with scabies. Human contact can make scabies live longer. By preventing human contact your can stay away from scabies.

Replace Your Mattress- If you feel any such irritating symptoms in your skin, then try to change your mattress. By changing your mattress you can again stay far away from scabies.

Why Does Scabies Live This Long?

The survival of scabies depends on the surface or human skin they are living on. It may vary from person to person, as scabies are more good at survival if it human skin. In the case of mattresses, the growth and survival of scabies mainly depend on the temperature. It’s true that scabies can’t live more than 72 hours, but the human body can turn into an exceptional. Scabies can’t take more than 50 degrees (temperature), that’s another reason for scabies dying so early in some cases. The life span of scabies can get affected by the change in temperature of your room (and mattress). Treatments of scabies can cause some pain to your scabies affected area. While treating scabies, you may expect some pain and itching sensation. Even if scabies dies, you mays feel the same symptoms for few weeks. As the waste released by scabies with eggs is still there on your skin.

The effects of scabies would stay till your skin starts developing a new skin layer. For better suggestions and medication, you can always reach to an expert (or doctor). You may have to go through a lot of treatment to finally get rid of scabies. Scabies is herculean to treat due to its contagious nature. Female scabies is quite impossible to get rid of on your own. Female scabies can settle under your skin and would start laying eggs for giving birth to more scabies. You can expect scabies to go in a short time span if you control the cycle to spread at the initial stage. The cycle of scabies if goes on spreading can bring many difficulties in treatment. There are many traditional treatments that you can follow for not letting scabies live for a long time.


You can expect scabies to die in 2 to 3 days. In some cases, there may be the chance of scabies living for more days. Treating scabies from the initial stage would be a good sign of getting rid of scabies at a very early stage. It’s always on you to prevent your skin from getting in the trap of these skin problems known as scabies.


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