How Long Does A Mattress Last (And Why)?

How Long Does A Mattress Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7-10 Years

The mattress is a rectangular pad that is used to support people while lying. They are used as a bed, and bed frames are a part of a bed. Mattresses are joined with three to four layers which are fastened with needle, and thread. The mattresses are made which heavy fabrics, which contain materials like hairs, straw, cotton, foam, rubber, and with the framework of the metal spring inside the mattress. There are new types of mattresses that are filled with air, and water inside them. They are placed on the top of the bed base, which is solid.

How Long Does a Mattress Last

How Long Does a Mattress Last?

The foundation of the use of mattresses was started in Europe, where divans were used. The divan is a piece of couch-like sitting furniture in some of the countries in past. They are used on the beds with the movable “toppers”. There are several types of mattresses in the market like they are filled with air or water, and some natural fibers like in futons. In Southeast Asia, Kapok is the most common material used in mattresses. In South Asia, coir is the most common material used in mattresses.

The Europeans started using the mattresses in the Arabic methods of sleeping on cushions on the floor. The oldest mattresses were used around 77,000 years ago. The mattresses used early were made up of natural materials like straw, cotton batting also known as fiberfill. The modern mattresses come with an innerspring core with materials like latex, viscoelastic, and other flexible polyurethane forms making them more comfortable for the person.

The mattresses come in many different sizes varying from every market. The size of the mattresses varies from the national standards in the width, height, and depth of the mattresses. There are many countries that don’t have a numeric measurement. They use labels like king size, queen size, double mattress, full size, and single size mattress which are used to represent the dimensions of the mattress.

The mattresses include insulator pads over the coils of the mattresses which prevents the beds’ upholstery layers from cupping down into the inner springs of the bed. In the year 1899, James Marshall introduced wrapped pockets spring coil mattresses which are called Marshall coil. Today’s most common which have innerspring, and high-end foams like viscoelastic or latex which is present in the comfort layers.

Materials Used Duration
Foam7-10 Years
Air3-5 Years

Why Does Mattress Last That Long?

The duration of the lifespan of mattresses can be termed as the period till which it retains its comfort and original support. The quality of mattresses deteriorates with the passage of time, and their usage. The lifespan of the mattresses depends on several factors like manufacturing quality care, notably materials, and the rigorousness of use.

The material inside the mattresses should be of good quality, using the poor quality of the foam can reduce the life of the mattresses and can be used for only one year. Good quality material like latex can increase the life of the mattresses and can be used for twenty years at least. The mattresses with the innerspring coil can last for ten years. The comfort layer of the mattresses did of different layers, and the materials are fixed on both sides of the mattresses which increases the durability.

The life of the mattresses can be increased if it is not expensive also. It should be used carefully to increase life by avoiding moisture contact, avoiding the children from jumping on the top, avoid heat contact from the mattresses. The quality of mattresses affects your health also using low-quality foam, or material can cause severe back pain and cervical pain to the person.


The mattresses are very important for people especially people with extreme or mild back pain, and cervical pain also. A person requires at least eight hours of sleep to remain fresh, and work properly the whole day. The people with deprived sleep remain frustrated and sleepy with low energy.


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