How Long Can Someone Be In Coma (And Why)?

How Long Can Someone Be In Coma (And Why)?

Exact Time: Over 5 weeks

Coma is nothing but a state of unconsciousness in which a person remains in an unconscious state for much a longer time. Here, a person can’t be awakened nor be responding to any action also to light, etc. They can neither speak nor can they move. They remain in that still position for a week to a year.

Coma is basically a natural cause but we have observed that it can induce too artificially. There is one such system that is used to measure the severity of coma which is known as the coma scale. Whenever someone is in a coma he will be in a bed till he comes out of it. And all physical things like bathing, bowel movements, etc. are being taken care of by another person can be a nurse or parents.

How Long Can Someone Be In Coma

How Long Can Someone Be In A Coma?

Coma goes on from many a week to many days. It is been observed that it lasts for 5 weeks even it is the severest case. May some has last for many a year in such a severest case. Many people come out easily from a coma, a few lose their memory, and some die.

It has been recorded that a person was in a coma for 42 years which is much more than expected. Coma mostly goes on till a few weeks. During such a period person surely slowly gain their consciousness and start to wake up.

There are chances that a person can be in a coma for more than 15 years too. It was seen that if a car accident is severe then a person can go into a coma for that much period of time. And can come to life after that. If anyone who is in a coma open eye within 6 hours has more chances of recovering fast.

Doctors as we know induce coma with the help of medicine for a small period of time. They use it for two days or two weeks. So, here coma doesn’t last for a long time.  

CausesTime Period
Diabetic Patient
(Hyperglycemia or Hypoglycemia)
Occurs after thirty-six hours
Strokes Induced ComaLasts several days to weeks

Why Does It Take So Long To Be In Coma?

Coma is caused by many things like head injury, brain tumor, heat stroke, drug or alcohol, or many illnesses like diabetes or infection.  Discontinuing the life-supporting system results in the death of someone so we don’t need to plug it. So, if any person has suffered from any brain injury but not a coma they can breathe properly for one to two days as soon as they die.

There are many things that can increase the time of a person who is in a coma. If the sugar level increases or decreases for a long period of time coma is affected directly.

As stated above if any heart stroke or heart attack occurs as it is due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain, then coma may results. Even drowning can also result in a coma. If any infection has happened in the brain or tissues present in the brain then it will directly increase the coma and so increasing the time to be in a coma.

Many a time drug overdose or medicines also causes coma. As carbon monoxide is harmful gas so its mere presence affects the brain. Accidents or attacks directly affect the head so may result in a coma. Coma can vary from days to weeks to months to years.


People in a coma can neither communicate nor are in a conscious state. But their brain works as they can hear the sound or voice of people but they can’t react to it.

As we all know that coma is a very serious issue or an emergency. So, if the reason for a person’s coma is known then he can be treated fully without any problems. There is much therapy needed to gain their conscious mind.

Many people follow a pattern to recover soon from it. Since each patient is different so there are chances that they are unable to follow the exact stages. There are 4 stages of recovery in a coma: the first one is unresponsive, the second is early responses, the third is confused and agitated and the last one is the high-level response.


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