How Long After Pedicure Can I Workout (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Around Twenty-Four Hours

A pedicure falls under the category of cosmetic treatment that is done on the toenails and feet. The procedure is similar to a manicure. The primary reason behind a pedicure is its benefit in therapeutic as well as cosmetic purposes. Pedicures are mainly done by women and are popular in all parts of the world.

Apart from the toenails, pedicures also provide care for the skin. Skincare is provided on the legs, and it includes moisturization, granular exfoliation, and massage. Dead skin cells are also removed from the bottom of both feet with the help of a rough stone that is known as a pumice stone.

How Long After Pedicure Can I Workout

How Long After Pedicure Can I Workout?

Pedicure is a combination of two Latin words. The first one is pedis that corresponds to the foot, and the second Latin word is cura, meaning to take care of. In simple words, pedicure means taking care of the foot. Applying nail polish on the nails of the foot can also be termed a type of pedicure. However, it can be done by a person itself and doesn’t require any help. The pedicure has been in practice for years. In ancient times, women used solid tools either made up of gold or silver to pedicure themselves.

Pedicures are mostly completed within an hour. The previous nail polish is removed, and the feet are soaked in water. The person must ensure that the cuticles are taken care of. After that, the feet are allowed to exfoliate. Post that, the nails are trimmed and filed. The feet are then massaged for some time, and after that, the moisturizer is applied to the feet. Finally, the nail polish is applied to the nails, and they are left for some time to dry.

Type Of PedicureTime After Pedicure To Workout
Standard PedicureSix hours
Premium PedicureTwenty-four hours

A woman must wait for some time after the pedicure to work out. If she has gone for the standard pedicure, she should wait at least six hours before working out. In the case of a premium pedicure, it is advised to let the legs rest for one day to get the best result.

Why Does It Take Long After Pedicure To Workout?

The process of pedicure involves many different types of tools and nail cosmetics. Some are Acetone, Cotton Balls, Paper Towels, Pumice Stone, Cuticle cream, Cuticle pusher, and others. It is essential to have prior knowledge of all the tools. However, various pedicure specialists are available in the market who do pedicure after charging some money. A lotion is also applied on the legal, and a foot bath is also arranged in a pedicure.

It takes that long after the pedicure to work out because the legs need to rest after the pedicure. Standard pedicure includes nail care and massage. But in premium pedicure, the excess hair present on the legs is also removed by waxing or another suitable method. After this procedure, the legs might become slightly sore, and the woman might also feel a bit of pain in the legs. It is recommended to rest for that long to allow the legs to heal appropriately.

There are various types of pedicures available in the market. Some of the most trendy pedicure types include Regular pedicure, Spa pedicure, Waterless or Dry pedicure, Stone pedicure, Mini pedicure, Shanghai pedicure, Paraffin pedicure, and a few others. It depends on the condition of a woman’s legs, which type of pedicure is best suited for her. However, it must be ensured that the procedure is carried out smoothly as negligence while doing a pedicure can cause skin issues that can prove harmful.


Overall, it can be concluded that pedicure refers to the care of the foot and is trendy in various parts of the world. Pedicure is prevalent mainly in women, and it takes around an hour to complete the entire procedure. There are two types of pedicure, namely the standard pedicure and the premium pedicure.

On average, a woman should rest at least twenty-four hours after completing the pedicure. It is crucial to give enough time for the legs to rest so that they can function correctly. The pedicure process must be done gently and with a lot of care. There are many pedicure specialists available in the market for doing a pedicure.


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