How Long Can You Drive With Bad Struts (And Why)?

How Long Can You Drive With Bad Struts (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 40,000 or 50,000 miles(approx)

It is always good to have an idea as to how can the struts be fixed even after knowing how long we can still drive with those damaged and worn-out struts.

There is a possibility of all the cars not having struts. Some of them will only have in the front and hence called the front struts. Due to the damaged struts, the tires, transmission system, and engine (components) are affected. The struts in the front wheels are called MacPherson struts. They are part of the steering structure as the car wheels rotate around them.


How Long Can You Drive With Bad Struts?

The car or the vehicle can still move a person from one place to another. But you must be very cautious about it.

  • Avoiding Hard Debris and Bumps- It is best to avoid them. This can be done by driving through the sides when coming across hard debris and bumps to avoid a terrible tremor. Thus, it is very much important to be keen.
  • Careful Acceleration- When driving on a straight road, no one likes to accelerate. But when driving with bad struts, we would definitely want to accelerate. If careful acceleration is done for stopping the car or while driving on the road, then we won’t be afraid of the noises that worn-out struts make.
  • Gentle with Braking System- To avoid the possibility of an accident, you must be ensured to make no sudden brakes. Bad struts affect the braking system badly. Therefore, make sure they are corrected before the brakes stop altogether.
  • Being careful when driving around corners and on steep roads- Toying with the worn-out struts is something that is not supposed to be done. They can make the car go lean on one side, and thus it becomes a threat to life when driving on a steep road.
Brake Pads (need to be replaced after)Kilometers (till it can be driven)
On an average75,000

Why Does It Take That Long To Drive With Bad Struts?

It depends on the number of dangers and it is good for you to know them.

  • Broken Joints- One common danger of bad struts is the breaking down of car joints. The joints of a car comes into danger when a car is vibrating. Thus, it leads to jolting and shaking which is normal enough if a car has bad struts.
  • Shattered Sway Bar- Including the sway bar, bad struts break down other parts of the suspension structure. It’s purpose is to assist the car while taking a turn. When the sway bar gets shattered, it becomes difficult to take a turn.
  • Broken Spring- Spring is connected to the strut. If the strut is broken, even the spring won’t be in a good condition. Bad springs leads to a rough ride and makes the car jolt throughout the drive.
  • Bad Power Steering- The steering is either a hydraulic or electric press. Even with one broken press, a car can be driven. But the ride will become hectic until we wish not to drive.
  • Broken Wheels- The wheels get affected by the bad struts which are part of the suspension structure. If any tire becomes flat when driving at a high speed, an accident can occur.
  • Damaged Shock Absorbers- Vibrations will be experienced all the way if the car shock absorbers are damaged. The damaged shock absorbers then will result to jolting and later on the vehicle will not be controlled.


We get to know from the above conditions and situations that it is possible to ride whenever we want with the worn-out struts.

We have come to know that we should ensure our well-being as well as our vehicles.

Bad struts can cause permanent damage to a car’s part or parts as a whole. Therefore, it is necessary to know from the beginning how to fix them and maintain the car’s interior as well as the exterior so that the car can be maintained well with less expense and can have graceful aging.


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