How Long Does Bad Dragon Take To Ship (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 days

The world has developed a great deal and the market has also grown, selling things that people require very much nowadays. In old days, people didn’t need much, all they wanted was some essential materials that can help people with their daily activities. Although, there are millions of things nowadays that people buy, which can be a necessity or not. People buy things from day to day markets, shopping malls, and even from online shopping sites.

Many companies started their business online, which is thriving right now. When things are ordered online, they must be made if they have to be according to the recipient’s choice, shipped, must reach the recipient and all this can take a while. It depends on the time taken to make if necessary and pack the product, and also depends on the distance between the main office of the company and the recipient’s address.

Bad Dragon is among millions of other companies that operate online and ship products throughout the world. According to the company’s terms and conditions, the company takes about 2 days to a week to ship the products.

How Long Does Bad Dragon Take To Ship?

Dispatch1 to 2 weeks
Shipping2 to 3 weeks
Recieve3 to 5 weeks

Bad Dragon Enterprises, Inc is an industry of sex toys and the company was founded in June 2008. The company has been selling hundreds of products every week for the past thirteen years and the company was found by Jan Mulders, Brian Dyer, Narse, and Raith. They ship products worldwide and to order the product, people can always visit the website The headquarters of the company is located in the USA, based exactly at Pheonix, Arizona.

The company first began with a sudden pop of ideas the company’s founder Jan Mulders had when he started making and selling sex toys in his university dormitory in Scotland.

Why Does It Take That Long For Bad Dragon To Ship?

Bad Dragon was technically based on the nerd culture documentary named Traceroute. The products are made and cast by hand. They can be customized, which includes the color, the firmness of the toy and its material, the length of the toy, whether to add a suction cup. It also offers a “Cumtube”, a pressurized tube within the toy.

The timing taken to ship the products can depend on various factors. The products which are not customized take a shorter time to be shipped and customized toys take a long while. Normally, in any situation, it can take from 2 days to a week to pack and ship the package. After the package is dispatched, based on the distance between the company and the recipients, it can take from 2 to 4 weeks for the packages to reach the customer.


The average rating received by the company is around 2.6 to 3 out of 5, which is somewhat in-between. The company has many drawbacks and bad feedback from many people. The company doesn’t have an age limit and ships out their product to anyone who orders them, without an age limit.

It takes quite a long time for the products to reach the recipients and that is not loved by many people. They don’t respond very well to the queries, while some say their toys are pretty much amazing.


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