How Long Can You Screen Record (And Why)?

How Long Can You Screen Record (And Why)?

Exact Answer: No Time Limit

We are living in an era where we get introduced to new technologies every next day. We get to see how new systems and techniques are evolving constantly that are proving to be quite helpful for all of us. Mobile phones in themselves are a great invention, and new updates are introduced in the mobile phones constantly as well.

You can record what’s on your screen and play it back later. Capturing what happens on your screen can be useful for a variety of reasons, whether you’re viewing a presentation or webinar that you’d like to watch again or putting together a video game tutorial. However, before you begin your screen recording, double-check that it will record all you require.


How Long Can You Screen Record?

Screen RecordingDuration
AllowedNo Time Limit
Advised1-2 Hours

You can screen record endlessly with the correct screen recording software. You can keep capturing the action as long as it is happening on your screen. That does not, however, imply that you will always be able to capture hours and hours of footage. Large files are clumsy, difficult to transfer, and tough to keep track of.

The longer you screen record, the larger your file will become, which may cause playing issues in the future. Depending on the settings on your monitor and video recorder, you can record your screen in a variety of resolutions. If you screen record at a high resolution, you can notice that your file size grows faster. The size of the file you can save to the platform is limited in some free screen recording tools. In other circumstances, your storage solution’s limits may limit your ability to record.

Before you start recording, check your screen recording software’s unique limitations, and make sure you have a backup plan in case you need to keep capturing your screen for longer than you expected. In many circumstances, you’ll want to edit a long screen recording for clarity. 

When deciding how you want to edit your video, keep your audience in mind. Your viewers will most likely only have a limited amount of time to sit and watch your movie. They will most likely not watch your film until the conclusion if it takes longer than they expected or becomes uninteresting.

Why Can You Screen Record For That Long?

We can say that the creators and engineers know how helpful screen recording can prove to be. Maybe this is the main reason why there is no particular time limit for screen recording. We know that a webinar can be stretched for as long as 3 to 4 hours and if you are screen recording it, you would like to do it in one go. 

Similarly, when you are screen recording for some other purpose, it might also be a long process. You’re working on a tutorial in a video game and unfortunately, the first three times you face a given boss, you will perish. Not just this, you may screen record a webinar as well. If you want to share that webinar with others, you might need to remove the dead time where nothing is happening. 

Not only can that content tire and repel your readers, but it can also reduce the total perceived worth of your content and increase the file size. Many individuals view videos on their mobile devices, which they frequently do while on the go. If it takes more than a few seconds for your video to load, people may decide to do something else with their time instead, leaving you with fewer video views than you expected. 

The greater your file, the longer it will take to upload. And the higher the chances are that your viewers will choose anything else instead. When you want to save something on your phone for future purposes, there is no better way to do it than screen recording. No matter whether you own an iPhone or Android, you can screen record as long as you want.


Mobile phones have proved to be a blessing for all of us. Almost all the software and features that are present in present-day mobile phones and laptops have interesting features. Be it video recording, voice recording, or screen recording. If we look at screen recording, in particular, it is quite clear that there are numerous benefits of the screen recording feature. 

There is no limit set which allows you to record your screen on various platforms for as long as you want or necessary. Though you need to understand the right time limit if you are doing it for professional purposes, if you are doing it for your work, you can do it as much as you want. 


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