How Long Did The Egyptian Empire Last(And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3100 BCE- 30 BCE

The beautiful architecture, culture, technology, art, writing and literature, civilization etc of Ancient Egypt made its legacy recalled for many years. It commenced with its first King Narmer in 3100 BCE. This onset span is also known as the dynastic period. The Egyptian Empire governed for the lasting period of twenty-seven centuries.

During this protracted span of the ruling, they witnessed some good, some low, divided and united spans. All the eras of the Egyptian Empire stayed Egypt united, no matter what course it was. The dynastic span came to an ending with the demise of Cleopatra in 30 BCE. It was the end of the ancient Egyptian Empire and the advent of Alexander’s Empire.


How Long Did The Egyptian Empire Last?

The long-lasting civilization past of the Egyptian Empire holds a succession of multiple empires and their pros and consequences. Each period has its own story and narrative. In the early period of the Egyptian Empire declared Memphis as its capital.

This span of dynasty also helped the Egyptian culture flourish. The second dynasty is popularly known due to Pyramid. That is why it was the course of Pyramid Builders.

During the third dynasty of the Empire, Sphinx was built. The golden era of peace and prosperity began with the third and fourth dynasties of the Empire. After the end of the sixth dynasty, the seventh and eighth dynasty was the first intermediate period.

The chaos among the dynasty made it an Intermediate Period. The Middle Kingdom was again a sunshine course for Egypt. The twelfth dynasty again made Egypt flourish as it was during the Old kingdom.

The empire reached its peak during it. After the Amenemhet 4, the fallen period of the Empire again started. The first female ruler of Egypt was Queen Sobekneferu, who was also the last one of the 12th dynasty.

Here are the different events along with their durations.

Pre-Dynastic Span3100 BC
Early Dynastic Span2686 BC
Old Kingdom2181 BC
First Intermediate Span2055 BC
Middle Kingdom1650 BC
Second Intermediate Span1550 BC
New Kingdom1069 BC
Third Intermediate Span747 BC
Later Span332 BC
Ptolemaic Span30 BC
Roman SpanAD 395

Why Did The Egyptian Empire Last So Long?

Egypt is situated in the Nile Valley which is in the northeast part of Africa. Egypt occupied the entire Nile valley in 3000 BCE for strengthening trade and economy. There was a large bone desert on both flanks of the valley.

It means that the Nile valley was the only source of farming for the Egyptians. Apart from that Egypt was highly rich in mineral resources. There was a great occurrence of limestone, granite quarries.

There were ample gold mines in Nubia. Even the desert lands were home to the Egyptian people. Trading and farming were two factors that assisted Egypt in evolving wealth.

Thus, it provided them with strong administration. The Egyptian empire ruled for over 3000 years. The empire rose, fell, transferred from one dynasty to the other.

The major factors which became the reason for its fall – loss of military power, lack of suitable natural resources, conflicts between the administration. Egypt witnessed a civil war. As a result, it created a split between the two regions.

The irregular climate changes became one of the reasons for its end. A dry stretch of hundred years made it worse to grow crops and do farming.

There was also a period of unforeseen cold weather that devastated the harvesting crops. No food for a long time in the empire led to the spread of hunger. It arose the political conflicts and decline of the oneness of the empire.


The Ancient Egyptian Empire was one of the longest-ruling empires in history. The ancient Egyptian Empire was marked as a notable civilization for many centuries. All the 27 centuries of the Egyptian Empire were classified into different dynasties. The Archaic, Old, Middle and New kingdom spans are considered as the most stable periods of the Egyptian Empire.

Whereas the periods which were unstable and full of chaos are known as the Intermediate Period of the Egyptian Empire. The great and ancient empire lasted for 27 centuries and ruled 26 dynasties. The Egyptian culture, dignity and skills of the civilization made its history alive for generations.



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