How Long Did Roman Empire Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Over A 1000 Years

The roman empire was a republic that began in Rome and held its root over Rome for about 1000 years. The empire came into existence because of Julius Caesar and Theodosius, being the last emperor of the roman empire.

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How Long Did The Roman Empire Last?

Timeline of the Roman EmpireTime
Initiation of the Roman Empire27 BC
Fall of the Roman Empire476 AD

After the death of Julius Caesar, his son, Octavian took responsibility as the leader and the dictator of the roman empire. The royal name of Octavian was Augustus Caesar. When Augustus Caesar called himself the leader, it was the time when the actual roman empire was built, and a new era of the roman empire commenced.

This happened in 27 BC, that is, the time when the Roman Empire came into existence, with Augustus Caesar as the first leader of the Roman empire.

After Augustus Caesar, many other leaders ruled over the roman empire making the empire last long for almost over 1000 years. However, then came a time when the roman empire was no longer into its complete powers and held over the people of that empire. Thus time is referred to as ‘The fall of Rome”.

Many reasons led to the fall of the roman empire. The major reason for all this is the failure in the finance system of the roman empire. With time, slowly and gradually the Roman empire came to its end finally in 476 AD.

Why Did The Roman Empire Last That Long?

Before the roman empire started, the roman republic was already existing and it had already governed the land for almost about 500 years. The roman republic was initially limited to Rome only, however, it later expanded and covered Italy at first, and then furthermore, it covered North Africa and then the Mediterranean as well.

During this time, certain conflicts were happening within the military and soldiers. A contrasting difference rose in the treatment of the rich and the poor. While the conflict was continuing and, getting intensified among the soldiers of the roman republic, Julius Caesar was a person who saw this conflict as an opportunity for himself.

Julius Caesar resolved the conflicts among the soldiers and thus, he consequently became the leader. Further in time and taking the benefit of his position, Julius Caesar overthrew the government of the roman empire and became the dictator of Rome.

This was the time when the roman empire slowly and gradually came into existence. However, the order of Julius Caesar to the Senate that he should be made the dictator for his entire life led to fatal consequences on his life. In 44 BC, Julius Caesar was assassinated.

When the roman empire was in action, many people laid their eyes on the roman empire, wanting to overthrow the then king of the empire and take over his kingdom. 

As a result, the dictator had to focus more on the military of his empire. The major focus of the roman empire was to make its military as strong as possible so that it can fight all its rivals and protect the roman empire. Therefore, almost all of the money was spent on the military of the roman empire, such as on weapons, armor, military machines, and more.


The roman empire lasted for over 1000 years, that was from 27 BC to 476 AD.

Since most of the money was spent on the military, there was not much money to be invested in the rest of the aspects. This led to a conflict within the people of the empire. 

Moreover, although the maximum sum of money was being spent on the military, the count losses of the roman empire in wars were increasing. The majority of the roman empire and the strength of the roman empire was because of its strong military forces.

But, as the military forces of the roman empire started to weaken and the conflicts in the roman empire started to increase, the hold of emperors of the roman empire lost their control over the kingdom.



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