How Long Does Amcas Verification Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Eight Weeks

AMCAS stands for American Medical College Application Service. This service helps those students who want to pursue a career in medicine. It allows them to apply for various medical colleges through an association named Association of American Medical Colleges.

Although AMCAS helps students to apply for colleges, it doesn’t advise students which colleges to apply to or take admission decisions for them. But it does provide an additional service, which is the letters service. The students have to just provide their letters of evaluation to AMCAS. From then onwards, AMCAS will themselves forward these letters to the colleges you’ve applied for.

How Long does Amcas Verification Take

How Long does Amcas Verification Take?

Verification Process StatusMeaning
Ready for ReviewYour application is in line for review.
Under ReviewYour application is being verified.
Incorrect Coursework or DocumentsThere are some mistakes in your application and provided documents.
Verification CompleteYour verification is successfully complete.

After following all the steps in the application process and submitting all the necessary documents, the work of AMCAS start. But if there happens to be a problem with the submitted transcripts, then the application is sent back to you, even before the verification is started. All the required official transcripts must be submitted for the application to get accepted for verification.

They go through your whole application and check whether all the required documents are there or not. They will check every minute detail in each section. If there happens to be a problem with your application, they will notify you to make the necessary changes. And once the application is all correct, they send you back the verified application once again to check for any errors. If there are no errors, you have to resubmit the application. But if there are some errors, then you should correct them, save those changes and then resubmit the application.

When your application is being verified, you can regularly check your application status. This application status tells you whether your application has issues or requires some more documents, is ready for review or is under review, etc.

Once the final application is submitted, AMCAS sends your application forward to the colleges you have selected. All of this process mostly takes eight weeks to complete, i.e., it takes eight weeks for your application to get verified. But if your application encounters any problems, or if the system encounters some problems, then it may take longer.

Why does Amcas Verification Take That Long?

Firstly, you have to apply by filling up each section in the form correctly and submitting all the required transcripts. Once you have filled and submitted the form, then you just have to wait until the form gets verified. You can get updates about the verification by checking the application status.

In the application verification process, AMCAS checks a lot of things minutely. The staff starts verifying your application only when you have submitted all the required materials. They start checking each section by paying attention to every small detail.

Most of the application verification gets delayed because of mistakes from the applicant’s side. Although the form is very simple to fill, there is a probability of many applicants making small silly mistakes. Because of these mistakes, the form is sent back to the applicants for correction, who have to resubmit the form later. Thus, this additional process takes time. But you can easily avoid making mistakes and saving your time by referring to the guide provided by the official site.

There are various steps included in the application verification. You can know about these steps when you are checking the application status. When your application is first submitted, it stands in the waiting line for review with other applications. Then when your application is being reviewed by the verifier, he checks all the documents and notifies you if there are any incorrect coursework or incorrect documents. When every issue is resolved, your application is sent to the colleges.

Sometimes an application also gets delayed if there’s a problem with the system or due to some inevitable situations. You’ll be notified by the AMCAS if this happens.


Thus, applying through AMCAS is quite important for medical students, as many of the medical colleges in America provide M.D. (Doctorate in Medicine) only to those students who have applied. Once it is verified and submitted to the colleges you want, then your admission process is almost done. You’ll just have to wait until your admission is confirmed.

It takes almost eight weeks for the AMCAS application to get verified, and there is no possible way to lower the waiting time until your application gets verified. But by avoiding mistakes, you can save some time. Also, most of the applicants have experienced that, the late you submit the form, the more time it will take for your application to get verified.



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