How Long Do Archived Emails Stay In Gmail (And Why)?

Exact Answer: No limit

Sometimes, people do achieve emails as they don’t want to delete them. The emails can be safely achieved for many years. Mainly, archiving the email would help in storing them for future reference. The archived emails would help in maintaining a clean inbox with all the important mails.

The person is required to move all the unnecessary or necessary emails to the archive folder. If any person replies back to the archive email then the email would again appear in the inbox. The emails are archived when the person thinks to get them out of the inbox and stores them for the future.

Deleting and archiving the emails are completely different things.

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How Long Do Archived Emails Stay In Gmail?

Archived EmailsTime
Minimum timeNo limit
Maximum timeForever

When someone archives the emails, then the emails move to the archive folders. Once the emails are archived, they can be back in the inbox at any time. Archiving emails helps in storing important data. The data once archived would give more space to the inbox for new emails.

The inbox of the person would become cleaner, and the person can find emails instantly without any confusion. Archiving emails is done by many business people who want to protect their business information or business from potential litigation.

People who archive the emails will be able to find the emails instantly without searching them in random folders. Sometimes, the emails are automatically archived when someone replies to the emails. The person is supposed to do some extra settings for automatically archiving the emails.

Automation comes as a savior for people who receive a lot of emails daily. Archiving all the emails daily would be a herculean task. There archiving automation is better than manual archiving emails.

If someone wants to unarchive the emails, then the person can go to the archive folders and unarchive them. For unarchiving the emails, the person is supposed to click on the “move to inbox” icon. The archived emails would go instantly to the inbox after the process.

Many people find archiving emails as the best method for decluttering the inbox. Archiving the emails would help in making the workday easier as the person need not spend a lot of time finding the email.

It’s always better to archive the emails than delete them, as deleting the emails would be permanent. No person can reverse the deleted emails. Therefore, people prefer to archive the emails as you never know when you need the emails again in the future.

Why Do Archived Emails Stay In Gmail For This Long?

The archived emails can be retrieved even after 6 to 10 months. This is how archived emails are better than deleted emails. If someone deletes the emails, then it is not possible to get them back. For archived emails, the person can always get them back in the inbox folder.

The archived emails are always safe as they have no fear of getting lost due to storage issues.

For archiving the emails follow the steps given below:

Step 1- Choose the mail that the person wants to archive.

Step 2- There will be around 4 options available for the chosen mail. There the person can find the option for archiving the emails.

Step 3- The person is supposed to choose and click on the archive email option. Then the person would see the mail would disappear in a few seconds.

Many people think that deleting and archiving the emails are same. This is not true, the deleted messages would be permanently deleted after 30 days. There is no such time limit for archived messages. As the main purpose of archiving messages is to get or use the messages back in the future.

The person can separately store the emails related to business or study. As in inbox, the person may receive many emails related to social media, shopping applications, and other subscription emails. Therefore, it’s important to balance all the emails so that they won’t create any issues for the work-life of the person.


Archiving the emails comes with no cost and effort. The only goal to archive the emails is to save them for a long time. Sometimes, the emails may get deleted on their own due to space issues in the device as you never know the certainty of applications.

Therefore, by archiving the emails, the person could be on the safe side to not lose any important information.



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