How Long Do Blind Pimples Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 1 month

The blind pimple is not visible to anyone, but the person who has it. Blind pimples would last around 4 weeks or more. The blind pimples don’t happen on the outer skin, but they come under the skin layer. This is why people would not be able to see the blind pimples on the top layer of skin.

The blind pimples or cystic acne would last for more than one month depending on the size of the pimples. The person is supposed to follow specific cystic acne skin care treatment for getting rid of blind pimples. Checking with the dermatologist would help in knowing exactly how long the blind pimples would last.

The causes of blind pimples would also affect their recovery time.

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How Long Do Blind Pimples Last?

Blind pimplesTime
Minimum time4 weeks
Maximum time1 month or more

The cyst can also cause blind pimples. The acne can also come when the dirt or sebum gets trapped in the pores of the skin. The bacterial infection may also cause blind pimples if they are not cleaned from the skin. The blind pimples would have symptoms such as painful lumps.

The people can touch the blind pimples to feel the presence of blind pimples. The blind pimples may or may not have a head like other pimples. The blind pimples would cause the skin area to turn white. The area where the blind pimples occur may turn red due to swelling. Sometimes, the blind pimples will stay for around 6 to 12 months.

Some blind pimples don’t go by any treatment. The person should never try to squeeze the blind pimples as they will cause internal infection. The blind pimples would get more severe if someone tries to squeeze them.

The blind pimples would leave scars if someone tries to pop the cystic acne. The best way to treat the blind pimple is to apply medicated cream to bring the head of the pimples.

If the person affected with blind pimples will be able to detect the problem at the initial stage, then it would help in faster recovery. The dermatologist may ask the person to do warm compress treatment for the blind pimples. The pus inside the blind pimples would get released if someone does a warm compress for around 10 minutes twice a day.

There are many varieties of warm compresses that are available in the market. People just need to heat it in the microwave for using it on the blind pimples.

Why Do Blind Pimples Last This Long?

The lasting time of blind pimples depends on the intensity of bacterial infection and how big the pimples are. Many people skip doing any treatment for blind pimples and this would make the pimples stay for a long time. People can use acne stickers for blind pimples.

People just need to put the acne sticker on the area where the blind pimples occur. It’s vital to store the blind pimples every day, as not changing the stickers for more than 24 hours would cause infections.

Many dermatologists would recommend using the antibiotic ointment for treating blind pimples. Everyone can apply tea tree oil on the blind pimples to make them go faster.

The blind pimples may damage the person’s skin if they are not treated properly. If the blind pimples stay for more than 3 to 4 weeks, then consulting the dermatologist is pivotal. As you never know how these blind pimples can affect the internal health of your skin. People should avoid eating unhealthy food, especially junk food to recover faster.

People who consume alcohol and drugs may see the blind pimples not recovering for months. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet is important for treating blind pimples.


The lasting period of blind pimples depends on how the person treats them. The blind pimples are extremely sensitive as they come under the skin. The person can’t check the exact size of the lump as it is not visible. The person should start the treatment during the initial stage of the blind pimples.

Nobody should try to burst the pimples inside, as you can’t clean the pus and blood internally.



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