How Long Do Burn Blisters Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Burn Blisters Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Upto 3 weeks

A burn blister can be of four types depending on intensity and degree. The healing time of burn blister would depend on the degree of the blisters. The first-degree burn blisters can heal in 2 to 3 weeks. The second and third-degree burn blisters would take more than 3 weeks to get recovered.

No one should try to pop the burn blisters. Doing first aid would help in recovering from burn blisters. Sometimes, the burn blister would recover without requiring any medication. In some situations, the burn blisters would not get recovered if they go deep into the skin.

The fourth-degree burn blister would take more than 4 weeks to recover as it would have affected your bones. People should always try to talk to the doctor about any medication required for burn blisters. You never know when the burn blisters would have affected the deeper layer of the skin.

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How Long Do Burn Blisters Last?

Burn BlistersTime
Minimum time3 weeks
Maximum time4 weeks

Burn blisters happen when the top layer of the skin gets burnt due to some reason. These blisters can stay for around 3 weeks till the new skin is formed. During the initial stage, the burn blister would show minor symptoms, such as pain, and swelling. The area would get red, and the redness would stay for around 3 weeks. The four types of blisters are:

First-degree blisters- In the first degree, the symptoms of the burn blisters would be very less. The pain would not be of low intensity. As the burn blisters would have affected the top layer only. The thickness of the blisters would be very thin as compared to other degrees of burn blisters.

Second-degree blister- The second-degree blister would be quite thick. The recovery time of a second-degree blister would be more than 3 weeks. The people will see symptoms, such as pain, and heavy swelling. The partial-thickness would go in 7 to 10 days.

Third-degree blister- The third-degree blister would be very thick, and the swelling would be more than a second-degree blister. The burn would start entering into the deep layer of the skin when it reaches the third-degree blister. The third-degree blisters would require medication and other treatment.

Nobody can recover without medication from third or second-degree blisters.

Fourth-degree blister- In case of severe burning, the burn can also affect the tendons or bones. This situation comes under a fourth-degree blister. This blister may take months to get recovered. The intensity of pain would be very high for people with fourth-degree blisters.

The symptoms such as pain and swelling are very common for fourth-degree blisters. The internal pain in muscles and bones would be felt by people in this stage.

Why Do Burn Blisters Last This Long?

The person is supposed to clean the blisters with fragrance-free soap or any medicated soap provided by the doctor. The doctor would prescribe some antibiotic ointment to help faster healing of the blister. The person should apply the ointment with gentle pressure. Nobody should rub or pressurize the burn blisters as they would crack.

Cracking of burn blisters would cause infections. Keeping the burn blisters clean is vital to not allow bacterial growth. The person should choose non-stick gauze for covering the burn blisters. Wrapping or covering the burn blisters after applying ointment would help in keeping them safe from dust particles.

The doctor may ask the affected person to take medication such as aspirin for coping with the pain. No person should take an injection or medication if not prescribed by the doctor. A single mistake can spread the infection to the whole body.


The symptoms of burn blisters would be different for some people depending on their health conditions. People with critical health problems such as high blood sugar levels may not recover faster. As wounds will take a longer time to get healed in people with high blood sugar levels. The recovery time for burn blisters would be around 3 to 5 weeks.

If a person experiences the symptoms of burn blisters for more than 3 weeks, then it’s time to check with the doctor. Sometimes, the blisters may start spreading internal infections to the whole body which would cause many other health issues.


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