How Long Do Canned Beans Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 5 years

The canned beans have a long shelf life of around 5 years. Some canned beans may have a shelf life of around 2 years. The manufacturing of canned beans plays a vital role in predicting how long the canned beans may last. The canned beans will have a long shelf life if they are stored in sealed cans.

If the seal of the canned beans is open, then it would last not more than 5 days. The perfect storage of the canned beans is important to make it last longer than the expected time. The canned beans contain water inside them. Therefore, after the seal is broken, the canned beans would not last long due to the moisture inside them.

The beans are an extremely nutritious food that is used in many cuisines. There are many ways to store canned beans. People can store the canned beans in both the fridge and freezer. The shelf life of canned beans inside the freezer is more as compared to the fridge.

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How Long Do Canned Beans Last?

Canned BeansTime
Minimum time2 years
Maximum time5 years

The canned beans are different from dried beans. The shelf life of opened canned beans is not more than the dried beans. The canned beans come with many preservatives that help the beans to last long inside the cans. Once the cans are opened, the preservative would not be able to hold the freshness of the beans for more than 5 to 7 days.

Everyone can store the canned beans inside the freezer after the seal is broken. The person before using the canned beans can defrost the beans for getting them back to normal temperature. The canned beans can’t survive extremely hot temperatures. The heat exposure to the canned beans would make it go bad in a few hours.

This is the reason why canned beans should not be stored facing directly towards the sun. If someone store the canned beans at room temperature after the seal is broken, then it would not last for more than 2 hours. As the bacteria present in the air would enter into the cans.

The water present inside the canned beans makes them more perishable at room temperature. Therefore, it’s recommended to store the canned beans in the fridge or freezer as there the bacteria can’t enter. The bacteria can’t survive for a long time in cold temperatures. Moisture is a huge cause why canned beans can go bad very quickly.

In the canned beans, the moisture is already present. Excess moisture exposure is not a favorable condition for the canned beans to have a long shelf life. Once the canned beans are thawed, the person should never put them back in the fridge. The canned beans come in a variety of brands.

All the brands may have different storage instructions for the beans. Everyone should follow the special instruction given in the packaging for storing the canned beans.

Why Do Canned Beans Last For This Long?

Canned beans can last long as they come with extra protection and preservatives. The canned beans are prepared under steam pressure on high heat. There are many additional ingredients that are found in canned beans. These extra ingredients, such as salt may increase the spoilage process when coming in contact with air.

The person should never consume the canned beans if the expiry date is already passed. All the canned beans come with expiry or best before date. The expiry and best before date are different. The canned beans can be consumed after the best before the date is passed.

As the best before date means, the beans would be in the best condition before the “best before date”. The expiry date means the beans are expired and should not be consumed. The expired beans can bring many health problems, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and upset stomach.


The canned beans are great if consumed before the expiry date. The quality and nutrient value of the canned bean should reduce if stored in the freezer or fridge for a long time. The dried beans are always better than the canned beans.

Everyone should try to store the canned beans at cool temperatures without adding any extra water or salt to them. Once the canned beans are cooked, then don’t store them for more than 5 days.



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