How Long Does Canned Beer Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Canned Beer Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 9 months

The canned beers can last for around 9 months if they are stored properly. The canned beers would have a longer shelf life as compared to bottled beers. The canned beers would stay fresh longer if they are not opened. The beer doesn’t get bad easily, but the quality of the beer would start degrading with time if not provided with suitable conditions.

The manufacturing and brands of the canned beer would affect its shelf life. The canned beers would require a dry and cool place to stay fresh for around 9 months. People should check the manufacturing and expiry date of the canned beer to know its shelf life. The chemical reaction and bacterial growth would degrade the quality of the beers.

How Long Does Canned Beer Last

How Long Does Canned Beer Last?

Canned BeersTime
In months9 months
In weeks36 weeks

The canned beer would last longer in cool temperature places. People should never store the opened canned beer at room temperature. Oxygen and bacteria exposure would reduce the shelf life of the canned beer. The light exposure would degrade the quality of the canned beer.

The aroma and flavors of the canned beers would deteriorate if it is exposed to oxygen. The canned before comes with the best before or expiry dates. If the canned beers are in good condition, then people can use them after the best before date.

Everyone would get to see the change in aroma, color, smell, and appearance if the canned beer is expired. The manufacturing of the canned beer determines how long the canned beers would stay in good condition. Some manufacturers do compromise in the canning process and this may produce low-quality canned beers.

If the canned beers are manufactured with proper hygiene and correct techniques, then the canned beers would last around 5 to 9 months. It’s always best to drink the canned beer within 1 to 2 hours after opening the can. Once the can is opened, then light and oxygen exposure would not allow the beer to last more than a few days.

People can also store canned beers inside the freezer. The bacterial exposure inside the freezer would be almost zero. No bacteria or virus means the longer shelf life of the canned beers. If people are intending to store the canned beers in another air-tight glass container. Then the person should transfer the beer with clean hands.

As dirty hands would transfer pathogens to the container and the pathogens can reduce the shelf life of canned beer in a few hours.

Why Does Canned Beer Last This Long?

People should try to purchase popular beers. As the popular beers would have not been stored in the store for too long. If the beers are stored for too long, then they may not last long. Sometimes, if the beers come from far locations, then they may not be in good condition.

As the beers may have been exposed to the sunlight and hot air while they are brought to the stores. Everyone should place the canned beers in an upright position or prevent bending of canned beers to make the beer last longer.

If you want to store the canned beers at room temperature, then they should be stored in places with very less temperature fluctuations. The place should be dark and free from moisture to prevent the spoilage of beer. Everyone can store the canned beers in the basement to make them last longer.

Some of the canned beers may come with storage guidelines that should be followed by the person. The type of beer would also affect the shelf life of the canned beers. The strong canned beers may last longer than the normal or light canned beers.

Everyone should check if there is a leakage in the canned beers before purchasing them from the stores. A small leakage can also increase the contact of oxygen and moisture with the beer.


The shelf life of the canned beers would be around 9 months. The manufacturing and preparation may affect the shelf life of the canned beers. People should make sure the canned beers are getting enough cool air to maintain their flavors. The canned beers can go bad easily if they are not prevented from ultraviolet rays.

People should try not to open canned beers if they are not going to drink them within 1 to 2 hours.


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