How Long To Roast A Chicken At 425 (And Why)?

How Long To Roast A Chicken At 425 (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 45-90 minutes 

Cooking is an act and act of developing food for eating by the implementation of heat. It is the process of choosing, measuring, evaluating, and linking ingredients in an ordered procedure to achieve the result which is edible and acceptable.

Chicken is the most common food item used in the catering industry with chicken being far more popular than others. Flesh is more easily digested than that of butchers’ meat. It contains protein and is useful for repairing and building body tissues and providing heat and energy. It contains protein and is useful for repairing and building body tissues and providing heat and energy.

How Long To Roast A Chicken At 425

How Long To Roast A Chicken At 425?

Roasting Chicken at 425 (5-6 pounds)45-90 minutes
Roasting Chicken at 425 (3-4 pounds)30-70 minutes

The particular time taken will rely on the thickness of the bird. The thinner chicken which is 2-3 pounds will take a shorter duration and the thicker one which is 5-6 pounds will take quite an extra duration. It is quite easy to prepare and cook at home. The aroma of chicken roasting away in the oven brings it to feel all downy inside and hot also. 

So, to roast a chicken of 5-6 pounds will take a duration of 90 minutes. The best way to check when the chicken is prepared is to use a meat thermometer. Rotisserie chicken appeared in France during the medieval period. Cooking roasted chicken gained huge popularity in the 2000s from sales in supermarkets. 

This dish was introduced in Mexico in 1946. The appeal of Rotisserie chicken is the roasting of meat using spit skewers. What all is needed is a roasting pan with a rack, large baking dish, rimmed baking sheet, or an oven-safe pan. 

Roast A Chicken

When it comes to seasoning, keep things simple. Refrigerate the seasoned chicken and keep it uncovered for at least an hour.

Season the whole chicken along with the cavity with fresh ground pepper and salt. This is dry brining that will help the meat be extra juicy and the skin extra crisp. Then stuff the cavity with lemon cut into quarters and a whole garlic head cut into half. Herbs that are fresh are also used in the cavity. Finally, the roasting of chicken can be started.

Why To Roast Chicken At 425 For So Long?

Roasting a whole stuffed chicken is an economical way to serve a crowd. Stuffing a chicken is a calm way to add a massive flavor to the whole bird. The leftovers can also be used for chicken broth. Roasting the food deepens the flavor profile of the dish and improves the texture too.

Roasting doesn’t need anyone to be at its side. The oven does the work automatically. Roasting also takes the advantage of natural sugar inside the food and gives them a sweeter and more concentrated taste. It is an easy and quick mealtime favorite that’s available at most of the grocery stores. Roasted chicken provides nourishment, high in protein, and is a remarkable source of several valuable nutrients to the body. A banquet of rotisserie chicken can be on the table within minutes.

Chicken is a source of several vitamins and minerals, mainly niacin and selenium. Many people also use rotisserie chicken as a bypass for recipes that call for cooked chicken, such as soups, casseroles, and chicken salad.  The roasted chicken breast with no skin has the leanest, with fewest calories and more protein while the thigh with skin is the highest in calories and fat.

Roast A Chicken

Food rich in protein such as chicken reduces the risk of heart diseases and helps with weight management. Roasted chicken also accommodates high quantities of vitamin B12, zinc, riboflavin and phosphorus, and a lesser amount of specific other nutrients. Amino acid tryptophan which is present in the chicken is linked with higher levels of serotonin that are present in our brain that make us feel good. Healthier weight management leads to improvements in heart problems such as high blood pressure and high triglyceride levels.


Roast chicken is a rich source of several vitamins and minerals and it is one of the foods which can be prepared in a simple and easy way. This dish can easily feed a crowd and the leftovers can also be used for chicken broth. As chicken contains protein it is useful for repairing and building body tissues and providing heat and energy.

As roasted chicken is easy to make, and takes less time, it can be proven the best recipe for busy non-veg lovers. This recipe also accommodates vitamin B12, zinc, riboflavin, and other specific nutrients. It is quite easy and simple to make at home.


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