How Long After Rimadyl Can I Give Prednisone (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Week

The world is made up of several living beings. Human beings, animals, birds, trees, insects, etc. Each of them plays an important role in maintaining the ecosystem. Animals such as cats and dogs are kept as pets by a lot of people. They treat them as a member of their own family and look after their needs. Not only dogs and cats, rabbits, parrots, cows, etc., are also kept as pets.

When they get sick, they are taken to the animal doctor, commonly known as veterinary. They specialize in animal health. There a lot of medicines even for pets. Rimadyl and Prednisone are two of the most common medicines which are used. But doctors advise not to give prednisone at least for one week after giving Rimadyl to their dog.

How Long After Rimadyl Can I Give Prednisone

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How Long After Rimadyl Can I Give Prednisone?


Rimadyl and Prednisone are NSAIDs and Corticosteroids, respectively. They should be avoided giving together to the dog as it may cause medical problems for the dogs. If the caretaker wants to change medicine them he or she should wait for a week before giving prednisone. One week is given to wash out the previous drug from the body of the pet so that taking a new medicine will not affect the pet in any sort of manner.

Rimadyl is a brand name, whereas the medicine is known as Carprofen. It is a medicine which is common worldwide as many people all over the world keep pets. Veterinarians prefer it to support treatment for various kinds of diseases in animals as it is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Starting from post-operative pain to various kinds of joint pains, it provides day-to-day treatment for all those pains.

On the other hand, Prednisone is an NSAID used by both humans and animals for several conditions. As it is a synthetic corticosteroid, its anti-inflammatory activity is four times stronger than that of hydrocortisone. As corticosteroids are known to affect the inflammatory process at so many levels, they are considered to be a very effective anti-inflammatory drug. They have strong beneficial properties but can cause damage if not handled carefully.


It is always the best policy to contact a doctor about the medicines. Without supervision, it can be harmful to give any kind of medicine to the animal, be it Rimadyl or be its prednisone. First and foremost it is important to know about the disease and then take the necessary steps.

Why Does It Take Long To Take Prednisone After Rimadyl?

It does not take long to take prednisone after Rimadyl. The time allotted to have each medicine is perfectly normal. Having both at the same time can cause negative effects on the animal. One week time is given to let the drugs clear out of the animal. The doctors prescribe to avoid any kind of drug before the previous one washes out. After all, it is for the benefit of the pet that the family members hold so dear.

Animals do not know how to speak so it is difficult for them to convey their feelings to their caretakers. When they fall sick or are having some problem, they try to relay that message through their actions. This is why it important to take the animals to the veterinarian for daily checkups. They can have anemia, dermatological diseases, hives and itches, respiratory diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.


After taking Rimadyl, the person needs to wait for a few days before the pet finally shows the result. The result may vary from dog to dog depending on their breed, size, etc. Rimadyl may show positive effects quickly but it is not a permanent cure for any disease. When vets prescribe Rimadyl, the pet should continue to take it to reduce their pain. Rimadyl can be given with food but they are also available as chewable tablets.


Both Rimadyl and prednisone are medicine and thus are used for medicinal purposes. The vet must prescribe the medicines and the caretaker should not take unnecessary actions without consulting the doctors. Both of them have huge beneficial factors but can also have negative side effects if given in excess or without proper supervision. After taking the medicines. the pets may show some kind of stomach problem.

It is nothing to be afraid of. It is showing that the drugs are finally taking action. Everything is done so that the animals can stay healthy, so a little care must be taken with each step. Even if they are not sick, they should be given time and food properly.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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