How Long Do Eggs Sit Out (And Why)?

How Long Do Eggs Sit Out (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two hours at room temperature (Approximately)

Eggs fundamentally reproduce the species. Various anthropods, vertebrates, and mollusks lay eggs, however not all. The widely used eggs for eating are the eggs laid down by chickens. The other birds whose eggs are edible are ducks, turkeys, gooses, quails, pheasants, and ostriches.

Eggs consist of shell and shells components, the albumen, and the yolk. The shell and composition of its substituents is 10 percent, the albumen is 60 percent, and the yolk is 30 percent.

The egg is a rich source of protein and also vitamins except for vitamin C. It also contains essential minerals like zinc, phosphorus, etc. Three eggs per day are considered safe and healthy. An egg has a punch of all the essential fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins for good health.

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How Long Do Eggs Sit Out?

An egg can sit at room temperature for about two hours, and after that, it sits out. In places with temperatures more than or equal to 90 degrees, the eggs sit out in one hour. Eggs are a part of a balanced diet and are consumed by a large number of people daily. However, it is essential to store the eggs properly, or they will rot.

The period for eggs to sit out depends on their states, like a hard-boiled egg sits out in just two hours, whereas a cooked egg can sit for more than two hours at room temperature. A dish made with eggs or simple eggs needs to be stored properly to avoid any contamination.

Eggs are refrigerated to avoid contamination and prevent them from rotting. Fresh eggs, if not refrigerated then can be kept at room temperatures for longer. But if once refrigerated, then they sit out at room temperature faster. Fresh eggs remain edible for about a month if not bought from the refrigerated section. 

How Long CanTime at room temperatureTime in refrigerator
a fresh egg sit outabout 21 daysaround 45 days
a cooked egg sit outnearly 2 hoursabout three to four days
a boiled egg sit outnot more than 2 hours nearly one week

Why Do Eggs Sit Out For So Long?

The quality of eggs deteriorates when the albumen and yolk alter while stored. The various factors affecting the sit-out time for eggs are the temperature, humidity level, the storage period, etc.

The reason eggs sit out is the generation of bacteria on them, making them unfit to eat. A refrigerated egg at room temperature after two hours starts getting sweat. Due to the sweat generation, the bacterias start growing on the egg. The bacteria growth makes the eggs contaminated, making them unfit to eat. 

Want to test the freshness of an egg only requires a glass of water. A glass of water can determine the quality of the eggs. In a glass of water, dip the egg you want to check the quality. After putting the egg in the bowl of water, three observations are possible.

The first is that the egg settles at the bottom on its side. In this case, the egg is fresh. The second is that if the egg settles at the bottom while upside down. The following observation shows that the egg is still good to eat but should finish soon. When the egg floats, it indicates that the egg is not fresh and unedible.

The following experiment tells us about the freshness of the egg. It shows how porous the eggshells are, and the more porous the eggs are, the more they are unhealthy and unedible. If eggs are more penetrating, the egg will float in water. Else will settle down if less porous, indicating they are good to eat.


Eggs fall under body-building food and are a rich source of many essential elements of a balanced diet. The eggs are good to use for about three to four weeks, and with proper storage, the period increases to 5 weeks. However, eating an expired egg is not a matter of great concern unless it is not contaminated. 

An egg contaminated with bacteria such as Salmonella can cause various adverse effects on health. Salmonella affects the digestive tract of the consumer. Not only eggs, but the consumption of any other spoiled food items also have to be avoided, as they can cause health problems.


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