How Long To Defrost Turkey In Fridge (And Why)?

How Long To Defrost Turkey In Fridge (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 hours/5lbs of turkey

Fresh turkeys are available to purchase in most groceries and online stores. Many prefer to shop for a frozen one instead. And relying on how large it is, a frozen turkey can take days to defrost within the fridge. Planning can assist one’s issues during the day of the occasion. For instance, defrosting a 20 lbs turkey within the refrigerator can absorb a week. So, making plans earlier than the d-day will ensure that one does not have to cook using a frozen turkey on the day of the event.

How Long To Defrost Turkey In Fridge

How Long To Defrost Turkey In Fridge?

Turkey Weight (In Pounds)Duration For Defrosting In Fridge
10 to 18 lbs2 to 3½ Days
18 to 22 lbs3½ to 4½ Days
22 to 24 lbs4½ to 5 Days
24 to 29 lbs5 to 6 Days

There are techniques to defrost Turkey using the refrigerator.

Slow defrosting in the refrigerator takes about 24 hours for every five lbs of turkey. One has to preserve the turkey in its wrapping even as it is defrosting. Place breast-facet-up in a baking pan to save any drips from contaminating different meals and fridge surfaces. One can keep the thawed turkey withinside the refrigerator for up to two days earlier than cooking.

Medium defrosting in Cold Water takes approximately half-hour for each pound of turkey. Keep the turkey in its wrapper and place it in a spacious, leak-evidence plastic bag. Place the sealed bag breast-facet down in a sink or bucket sufficient enough that the turkey is submerged. Fill it with clean water. Cowl the turkey using a plate and place a few heavy cans on a pinnacle to have it submerged. Replace the water every half hour. One has to prepare dinner the turkey straight away after defrosting.

Lastly, Fast defrosting in a Microwave Oven with the aid of checking the guide for the oven to get commands for defrosting a frozen turkey. In general, it can take 1 hour or greater at the defrost setting, relying on the dimensions of the turkey. Place the turkey breast-facet up in a microwave-secure pan to trap any drips. After the turkey defrosts, wash the interior of the microwave to save you cross-contamination. Cook the turkey straight away after defrosting is preferred.

Why Does It Take That Long To Defrost Turkey In A Fridge?

There is one smooth and more efficient manner to defrost a frozen turkey using the fridge. It’s safe as long as it remains bloodless the entire time, for that reason stopping the boom of harmful microorganisms that may purpose meals poisoning. It’s smooth due to the fact that one does not ought to do anything. The turkey sits withinside the refrigerator and defrosts all through itself.

There are more than one different techniques that are probably technically secure. But one in every one of them isn’t always smooth, and the alternative isn’t always correct as in, it’ll do awful matters for your turkey and make you desire you had used a one-of-a-kind technique. Defrosting withinside the fridge is the ONLY endorsed manner to defrost a frozen turkey.

For it to work, however, one may want masses of time: 24 hours of defrosting time for each four to five kilos of bird. A turkey, say, fifteen to twenty kilos, will want to spend four to five days withinside the fridge.

Most poultry processors who market frozen turkeys recommend that turkeys should defrost in a fridge. Since the ’90s, turkeys to defrost in the refrigerator for 2 to 4 days was recommendable. Compared to the defrosting of half-roasters in an oven, in a fridge, at room temperature, and in water.

No specific differences were noticeable in the palatability of roasters among treatments. However, reports made on the flavor of cooked breasts and thighs of turkeys were not affected anyway by the defrosting methods used.


Someone can not over-emphasize meals protection by defrosting a turkey. It’s crucial to preserve the entire turkey at safe temperatures for the duration of the thawing technique to save you bacterial increase that may result in foodborne illness. That’s why one should in no way thaw a frozen turkey at room temperature to their kitchen counter or in warm water.



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